No more time for debate. Now I am outraged! [Toronto police shooting]


Did you read the post at any level deeper than a quick search for things to take offense to?

With the tasering after he was dead being the candle on the cake.

Dude! I’m drinking your vodka as we speak!

I guess you could say they blew him out.

doesn’t mean they are kids.

In this case, he’s a dead kid.

How very sad.

He wasn’t a kid, but it is sad that all this stupidness (started by him) ended up with his death.

As someone who knows and loves mentally ill people I find his death and the dismissal of it deeply disturbing and sad. He was clearly having some type of breakdown. That should not deserve a death sentence. It’s shameful.

I think cops shot a lot of menatlly ill people when I was a kid in NYC. maybe someone older than me can refresh my memory. Koch had a budget problem and he saved money by kicking the mentally ill out of the public hospitals. They weren’t supposed to be dangerous and indeed most of them just ended up homeless and many didn’t make it past the first couple of winters. But a few of them turned violent and cops went around shooting them. I was young and don’t remember it well (and I can’t find any reference on google so I might be misremembering).

I said that, IMHO, it was more admirable than grappling for the knife, and more admirable than calling him a boy. I stand by both of those.

It isn’t sad, it’s a god damned disaster for this boy and his family. Stupidity is endemic. The whole fucking world is up to its god damned eyeballs in stupidity but that’s a poor proximate cause to having 9 bullets blasted into your body when no one is in immediate danger.

You know what’s admirable in a police officer? judgement and restraint. Guess what was in missing that morning.

How many times was the man in question told to drop the knife before the police opened fire?

This is so disgusting! He should be off the force.

The kid sounds like he was having something like a psychotic break, poor thing. At any rate, no one was in danger, he was one they were many, and they unnecessarily shot him like a dog in the street. Shot and wounded, I still might think you were a tad hair trigger. Shot down? No excuse for that shit!

(Cops where I live just wrestled an 87yr old man to the ground, injuring his face quite badly, for not following their commands!)

How many times did they have to shoot him after he was down from the first three bullets?

As the second video shows unequivocally, he was already on the floor, incapacitated and threatening no one, after the first three. There was NO justification for the last six shots.

My mistake. I had no idea the success metric here was a commands to bullets ratio.

Just for the hell of it, what does the Toronto Police Service recommend if there is someone having mental health issues?

Oddly enough it doesn’t say kill the person, but rather calm and apprehend. Might not be manly enough for you Waldo but what can you do?

I don’t know what manliness has to do with it; that’s a rather bizarre non sequitur; I’m the one who esteems gunning him down from a safe distance instead of grappling for the knife, remember? The latter course of action is presumably manlier, but I don’t happen to give a tin shit. At that, some folks say that suicide-by-cop is a manly course of action; by contrast, I don’t much care whether it’s manly.

(How the heck did this get to be about whether something is manly enough?)

The police are not allowed to gun someone down for not following commands. Period.