No name changes right now. NOT FOR A FEW DAYS

**UPDATE JUNE 22 2020: I will postpone making any name changes for at least a couple of days to allow priority to users with access problems, bug reporting, etc. **

**You may eend me your request. I will act on them as soon as I can. But they are not my first priority. **

I will ONLY accept requests sent to


The Development Team has requested that we do not make any name changes before we transition to the new board; they want to make sure that everything hooks up to everything appropriately when we get over there.

If you’re having difficulties changing your email address or need a password reset, I can do those. But no name changes for a while.

After we do get going over there and sort out the immediate problems, if you still need changes I will ask you to send me an email from the address that controls your SDMB registration.

I will not process any requests sent via private message, Facebook, smoke signals, or semaphore.

Thank you for your patience.

your humble TubaDiva

What about interpretative dance?

I sent in my name change request via Morse code, so I fully expect it to be honored.

Not to speak for Tuba, but I saw the dance and interpreted it to mean that you like your current name.

Obviously, you misunderstood the jump to the left and then the step to the right.

Or it might be I’m not very fluent.

Sorry, but you need to get right with the times. These days It go, right foot up, left foot slide. Left foot up, right foot slide.

Di you not receive my cuniform tablet?

I was too busy listening to someone beating it out on a native drum.

your humble TubaDiva

Telepathy. Yep, I’m going with that. :smiley:

None of y’all better tick off our Diva after the move else your names will be randomly altered using this thread as the request.

Aw man, I was gonna change my name to 504 Gateway Time-Out

I’ve heard that innuendos are a more effective form of communication than direct language. :name_badge: