"No one has ever seen the sun, but only the light from the sun"--meaningless statement?

I vote for “not totally bogus, but hardly, in and of itself, an argument for the existence of God.”

If I asked you whether the sun was shining, you wouldn’t answer by looking at the sun.

You sound like you’re fun at parties. :wink:

I can be had. Happy Every Year.

Acually the correct response is “I am not interested in listening to your thoughts on Christianity.”
Also, here is a photo of the sun.

This is actually the premise of the social psychology book ‘‘Stumbling Upon Happiness’’ by Daniel Gilbert. Pretty interesting stuff about how shitty people are at predicting their future (not quite such a cynical conclusion, though.)

I think the quote in the OP is not very convincing, but it brings to mind a better quote I used to hear a lot when I was a Christian: ‘‘People ask me, ‘Do you see God? Have you ever seen Him?’ I’ve never seen the wind. I’ve seen the effects of the wind, but I’ve never seen the wind.’’ Meaning, I suppose, that you don’t have to see something to know it’s there.

Being stupid is like being stoned all the time. :wink:

Noted, YMMV.

Hey now - I’m not stoned now (ETA: the beer has perhaps made me tipsy), but unless circumstance intervenes, I sure as hell am stoned all the time. Even then I don’t think I’m stupid, just a little less quick on the uptake.