No Trespassing during business hours?

What is the deal with signs that say “No Trespassing during business hours”? So it is ok to trespass during business hours? If you are there on business, during business hours I don’t htink anyone could make the argument that your are trespassing.

How about just a sign that says “No Trespassing”?

The signs are a bass-ackwards way of saying management reserves the right to decide whether you’re welcome or not. Unwelcome patrons might be disruptive teenagers or homeless using your store as a day-shelter, etc.

Particularly for government ie public buildings, it can be difficult to find a legal way to keep disruptive or undesirable persons out. Declaring their presence to be trespass is one more brick in that wall.

But wouldn’t “No Trespassing” still leave it up to the managment to determine who to let in?

Possibly just emphasizing that they don’t consider the space to be inarguably public during business hours. If I saw a sign that said ‘no trespassing’ by itself in some office or government building, my first thought might be that it was only talking about sneaking in after hourse. Though “no trespassing, not even during business hours” might be more appropriate… or not. Hmmm. :confused: