North Korea--What happens when Kim is assassinated?

Ever see Weekend at Bernie’s?

It went almost as well as one could possibly hope for. Sure, it had its problems, but there was no war.

The Daily Beast has a pretty good article about what could happen.

A military junta. would be the obvious result (presumably led by whoever arranged Kim’s demise). The question would be whether they could keep the whole thing together for any length of time, without it exploding (which would inevitably lead to intervention by China and S Korea).

Both Korea’s claim soverignity over the whole Peninsula.

That is an interesting article, and sheds some light on Kim’s motivation for the executions. It supports my theory that Kim will be assassinated, but doesn’t hazard a guess as to what happens next.

I don’t think the populace wants anything to do with the West, even if China pushes it. They have been feed a propaganda doctrine regarding their great leader and the evils of the West, that they would never trust anyone who opened that door.

There’s a video circulating NK showing our homeless sleeping in the street, touting that as the American dream ( a new shopping cart to push). We eat birds if we can find one, and snow because it’s all we have. We shoot children (news accounts of Sandy hook, Columbine etc.) and send our military off to do terrible things to peaceful countries like NK.

At least, with Kim, we have an idea what level he functions at. A new leader could be much worse than he is.

Here’s a link to the above mentioned video.

The “friendly” ones are the ones being assassinated. It is not lost on some of the North Korean Oligarchs that the Chinese Oligarchs are becoming billionaires as they embrace “capitalism”

Kim Jong-Un has an aunt (whose husband was executed) that could take control (her husband probably could have staged a coup if he wasn’t executed).

Pretty reasonable to have executed him then.


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