Now here's a cool website

Sign up, dial an 800 number, leave a message, and they transcribe it and send it to you. Apparently voice recognition technology has vastly improved since the last time I checked into it, several years ago. Being easily entertained, I’ve spent the afternoon seeing if it understands words like “poopy doopy” and “Supercalifragilous Expialidocious”

It’ll also email you Amazon search results if you Jott to Amazon.

So much fun! What other nifty phone/web stuff is there out there that I haven’t found?

Very very cool. I’ve been looking for a faster way to take notes on things I need to do. The GeekBriefTV podcast that promotes them (last one on their home page) mentions some other cool-sounding tools that appear to work with a phone. The podcast itself sounds kind of fun (I just subscribed so that I can listen to it every now and then.)

If you need a phone number to route all your calls to the same number, look at Grand Central. Looks like it’s still invitation-only, but I’ll bet someone out there still has them (I don’t believe I have any left). I’m starting to use my Grand Central number for anything where someone needs to reach me, but I don’t want to give them either my home or cell number.

Cool just web in general stuff:

Some of the services Jott links to are new to me and sound kind of cool;others are old friends (or at least acquaintances). (Click on Jott Links to see the whole list.) I use 30 boxes as a calendar; now I can call Jott to set up an appointment. I’m intrigued by; looks promising as an organizational tool for getting things done (in the David Allen sense of the phrase; Here’s a getting started summary from 43 folders. I’m also testing out the LJ post via Jott functionality.

Thanks for sharing!