Now I know what cumin smells like.

I use it too, but it smells like feet to me.

I love cumin. I put it in saag.

I love cumin, and it does have kind of a body odor smell to it.

But then again, I like a little body odor. Not unwashed stinky odor, but a good healthy dose of human waftage is nice, IMO:)

Remember Strawberry Shortcake? That line of dolls back in the 80’s that all smelled like a different fruit or spice? Well you might be interested to know that the worst selling doll was, you guessed it, Corroded Christos Cumin.

It probably didn’t matters any that the character was depicted as an unshaven 38-year-old falafel vendor, wearing a sweat stained wifebeater t-shirt and who swore in greek and spat when you pressed his tummy (refills sold separately).

Yep, you’d think they were setting that one up to fail…

Hah! Never thought of it that way. I always described it as “strangely meaty.”

(takes jar of cumin from spice rack for smell-test)

“Bolivian unicyclist’s jockstrap.”

Agreed. I love the smell. In fact I’m going to go visit my spice cabinet for a whiff…

I have always thought of it as “earthy”.