Now that Elon Musk has bought Twitter - now the Pit edition

Elon now says he is going to fix Twitter and take it public again in a few years.

I don’t see how this could be successful: vicious personal attacks (free speech) will drive away a great many users and a huge number of advertisers don’t want ads to be surrounded by garbage.

If I was a Tesla shareholder, I’d be pissed that the CEO is distracting himself with a much smaller, completely unrelated company.

You should actually be thrilled; Tesla started doing much better in dealing with production line issues after Elon stopped trying to force automation on everything and engineering the purchase of the financially struggling SolarCity venture and got re-enthused about going to Mars to save the Earth from billionaires. Maybe with his new infatuation with the stream-of-though-diarrhea of social media he’ll leave SpaceX alone to focus on the core business of putting stuff in orbit at competitive prices instead of setting Boca Chica on fire every few weeks.

As for Twitter:


So now he says he’s going to unban Individual 1.

I thought that Agent Orange had his own thing going? He has said that he wasn’t planning to return to Twit. And like his political positions, they are steadfast and true. We could take bets on the time it takes, but this would clearly be a waste if time given his stated feelings.

What a shock and a surprise. The quasi Poutine types flock together.

Elon Musk so desperately wants to be the Friedrich Flick to Trump’s Gröfaz that he’s willing to invest other people’s 44 billion dollars to do it. What a schmuck.


Man, I’ve noticed you really have it out for this Elon Musk guy. You can’t stop yourself from shitting on him in every thread he’s mentioned.

Don’t worry, I’m not getting into this again. It’s a waste of time for me. This will be my last post in this thread.

Man, I’ve really noticed the unnatural affection you have for this Elon Musk guy. You can’t stop yourself from loving on him in every thread he’s mentioned.


Deal is likely off:

I still say it was an attempt at an elaborate pump and dump but the ‘pump’ part of it didn’t work out as Musk expected. I suspect the Trump thing was a last ditch effort to prop up Twitter stock, which had stalled the modest climb it was seeing on the potential buyout news, but this attempt failed miserably. If so, it’s one of a number of hare-brained schemes to influence the market, only on a different scale this time.

Another factor at play here is that Tesla did park up to $1.2 billion in “excess cash” into crypto. I wonder how personally exposed Elon was to the crypto crash of the past week?

From Fortune, two days ago:

Maybe Musk is manipulating the value of Twitter with his own tweet. I read Twitter stock is taking a dump this morning - maybe he is trying to get a better price for the company? Once the company’s value has softened, next week he’ll make a lower offer…

Shares in Twitter had fallen about 20 percent in premarket trading after Mr. Musk’s initial tweet. He then posted again that he was “still committed to acquisition.”

Also, unrest at Twitter offices…

Twitter confirmed both departures and said the company is pausing most hiring and except for business critical roles. In addition, it said in a statement, “we are pulling back on non-labor costs to ensure we are being responsible and efficient.”

He will get sued to Hell and back, not the least which will be by angry shareholders mad at his manipulation of their assets value.

Also, there was that. I noted this morning that Twitter had a mass layoff/firing yesterday… and then he pulls this shit?

Fuck the guy.

Yeah and not just Twitter shareholders but Tesla shareholders who have seen their shares take a wild ride (mostly down) these last few weeks.

Haven taken this opportunity to ditch my not-necessarily-healthy twitter habit I was kind of looking forward to see what unbanning Trump would do to Twitter, and to Truth Social. With Trump almost entirely staying off TS (unless something changed in the last month) until it’s “successful”, and potentially not being able to stay away from Twitter, if only to post 50 “Twitter is terrible, I’m only here to say this one thing” a day until suspended again, he could have helped destroy both!