Now this I like - thank you, Mr. Bush

As a follow-up to the “friendly fire” deaths, both Canada and the U.S. have appointed commissions of inquiry. There was some concern expressed up here that the inquries might not be able to investigate the deaths fully, since the American commission has no authority to question Canadians, and the Canadian commission has no authority to question Americans.

However, the U.S. has appointed a Canadian general as co-chair of the U.S. commission. As a member of the American commission, the Canadian general will be able to question American service personnel, including the pilot who dropped the bomb.

From the CBC article:

Although Mr. Bush took some flak on his initial personal response, the decision to name a Canadian general to the U.S. Commission is an important substantive step, to ensure that everything is done to investigate the accident to both countries’ satisfaction.

So, thank you for that decision, Mr. Bush.

Yeas, it was a classy act.

Again, my condolences to our Canadian compatriots.