NY Subway passengers in 1960, great photos.

Yeah, really… today it’s just a few decades more worn out but at least vandalism-wise the improvement since the 90s was huge.

Ah yes, of course… I forgot about the different tracks*

I also thought there might be another 51st station like 7ave in Manhattan and 7ave in Brooklyn.

*Actually, the divisions all use the same gauge, but BMT/IND use wider cars: they can share each others tunnels and stations, but cannot crossover to IRT. IRT can use BMT/IND but there will be a gap at the platforms.

Poke around the Library of Congress online print & photo catalog. Everything from 19th Century baseball cards to early 20th Century street scenes.

I like how most everyone wears a hat.

I just came back from the exhibit. I was actually a little disappointed. The photos were small, maybe 5x5". I wish they were larger. They look better on the website.

Luckily they had extended the loan of 19th Century European masters painting which I originally saw several months ago. Van Gogh, Manet, Chagall, Monet, Munch, …

Me too! And that was the year I was born, cool photos.