NYT: Prosecutors signal criminal charges for Trump are likely re Stormy Daniels case (March 9, 2023)

Since Stormy Danials?

Just within the U.S., I believe that Black Americans and Native Americans would dispute your hyperbole.

It’s not my hyperbole, I’m just quoting trump ahead of time. To beat the rush, so to speak.

Stormy doesn’t gag on mushrooms.

That are hairy like a Yeti, according to her.

Apologies, I missed your clarification. I might suggest that, when making a post like that, put that clarification (or at least a /s “sarcasm” note) in the post itself – text is a terrible conveyor of tone or context.

Any way it’s looked at though, my post was the biggest exaggeration since the big bang theory. How anybody could take it seriously is beyond me.

Posters here make sincere, but hyperbolic, posts here all the time. The fact that two of us had an initial reaction to that post of, “really?”, suggests that the sarcasm you had intended was not as clear as you had intended.


Maybe save the cracks and goofing for Pit threads. That’s what the Pit is for.

The boat parade was in 2020. Think they’ve learned anything from it?

Would it be asking too much for a Stromy Danials prop gag?

Trump-branded ankle monitors

The infomercials practically write themselves.

Like this?


Yes please.

Now there’s an idea which needs to be encoded in the Bill of Rights.
The right to drive a well ordered vehicle shall not be infringed.

If a human moat does self-assemble, will Trump provide porta-potties, or will they be using his bushes?


I don’t know why, but all of you are pushing the rules hard on hijacking threads for the purpose of making comments better suited to the Pit. Not one of these comments has anything to do with the topic at hand and contributed exactly nothing to our understanding of it.

Stop now. You have many threads in the Pit to hijack to your hearts’ content.

Warnings next time.

Ummm…isn’t it against the law to blackmail the Speaker of the House?