NYT Spelling Bee drives me crazy

You can look up any word: Spelling Bee Appearances | Spelling Bee Solver

Formant, for instance. It was accepted twice and now it’s not.

I wish Sam Ezersky had a site explaining his machinations.

I haven’t ever watched that show, so I don’t get this reference. Can you explain, please? (Spoiler’s okay, as I’ve already achieved QB status today.)

I’m one short.

I’m referring to the fact that FOOTMAN was not accepted as a word today.

Unless “clearly not” was referring to something else in my post, I think @BlankSlate’s post suggests that they are systematically removing -----MAN words. But…

…since he’s not, we can only infer the reasons. I suspect it’s because of gender sensitivities.

However, IIRC, there was a recent Spelling Bee that had a compound word in both ----MAN and ----WOMAN forms. Anyone remember that?

Also, one can hardly blame Ezersky for not explaining why certain words are, or are not, on the list. It would just lead to endless complaints, arguments, and controversies.

Both ‘womanhood’ and ‘manhood’ appeared a few years ago. ‘Penman’ is still going strong, last appearing in December. Adman has appeared 20 times and ‘adwoman’ 4 times. I’ve never actually seen ‘adwoman’ used anywhere and ‘adman’ feels like an anachronism, but whatever.

OK, thanks.

Interesting indeed, in that the pangram is a somewhat similar word.

D’oh! I just realized what “Clearly not” meant. :man_facepalming:

“Nobleman” and “Noblewoman” appeared not all that long ago too.

I notice they’ve added INDIUM. It didn’t used to be accepted.

Not if it made sense.

Not too bad today, although MONODIC was not accepted which rankles the musicologist in me.

Two in a row: QB without hints. Done that a few times before; still looking for three in a row.

Sam is a crackhead. INDIUM was allowed the first time it appeared in 2019, then disallowed four times, and now it’s back again. It’s having a similar run to MINYAN, which haphazardly comes and goes.

I tried to watch An Evening With Sam Ezersky on Youtube to get a better idea of his method, but it was overly long and scattershot. Also, Sam is kind of annoying. The gist I got is that he draws from two dictionaries (Mirriam Webster and the ‘Apple’ dictionary) and then wings it. Perhaps he has a solving group and he picks and chooses from their answers. It’s chaotic. Anarchic even, lol.

The process of creating a daily puzzle for this game could easily be automated. As a former programmer, I considered how I’d do it and it would not be difficult at all. The actual work for the editor should be a matter of final approval. If disapproved, run the program again. A couple minutes work in the worst case. The rest of his time could be spent reading all the email he gets and occasionally adding or deleting words from the official answer list.

I don’t need or want an official ‘dictionary’ or list. It doesn’t bother me when this or that word isn’t accepted. I just want consistency and maybe and explanation when a word is added or removed.

In that Youtube video linked in my last post, Sam mentioned the time he somehow left COPE out of the solution list. I does make one wonder.

I remember that! I was going to send him a DM on Twitter, but he had already apologized there.

A list of accepted words is the best way to get that consistency.

But the pangram was frontman. My complaint is that I pronounce motorman as one word (the last syllable with a schwa) but the pangram as two words. I also pronounce moon man as two words.

Wouldn’t this be sort of how it works now, program produces a list of words, editor removes the ones they don’t “like”. The conundrum is why they don’t like word “muon”, for example