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I’m with you pugluvr, I’ve been wearing Oakley’s M-frames since '89, first for road riding, then for golf, then for shooting. I’ve got my road riding pair (hinged) and my three lens ballistic set (non-hinged). Replacement lense’s are $20 direct from Oakley, and turn-around time is about 4 days. I’ve seen M-frame Oakley’s at Sunglass hut for about $135, direct from Oakley it’s about $100 (with s&h). I’ve worn Scott’s, Bolle’s, Gargoyles, and Ray-bans and IMHO, none have the form, fit and function of the Oakley M-frames. Oh, and commasense made a lot of sense with that post.

I believe Oakley is the name of the owner’s dog. Why his dog is named Oakley is another question altogether. (I don’t know.)

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A [url=http://www.chickslayingnesteggs.com/arch01/v010808.htmlcCite for Oakley = Jim Jannard’s (Oakley founder) dog. According to the site, the dog was/is an English setter. See second full paragraph.

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I’m with BF and Pugluvr I bought my Oakleys for biking and found out that I love them. Not only are my M frames comfortable, but they don’t let any unfiltered light in by the temples, even if the sun is 90 degrees to the direction you are faceing.
And while the lens is not scratch proof, it isn’t scratch prone. My normal grey lens is about 4 years old now and does not show many scratches. I do not baby these glasses. They can usually be found either on my face or laying on my center console. Rarely do they see a case. I have had many pairs of cheap sunglasses not even make a month before they were toast.

There is one more reason I buy Oakleys. When Lance Armstrong got cancer many of his sponsors dropped him like a bad habit. Oakley not only kept Lance on, but got him added to their company health insurance so that he didn’t go bankrupt while in the hospital. (cite: It’s not about the bike by LA)

I interviewed to work at Oakley’s massive headquarters in So. CA, and they had all kinds of literature about how they ranked no. 1 in “optical purity” and stuff like that.

I’m sure they’re not lying, but I don’t know that I care enough to pay their prices.

Well, I do know. I don’t care enough.

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I’m with Oakley on this. They’re the ones that designed the frames in the first place. They strive to build an excellent product, gain a reputation, and then profit from it with higher prices. Nothing wrong with that.

And in my experience, there is almost always a qualitative difference between top-rated brands and the knockoffs. The knockoffs may use softer plastic, poor grades of lens material, no UV coating, optical distortion, and cheaper fittings that break. And they just don’t have that quality feel, that feeling of good engineering. That’s what you get when you buy a BMW instead of a Toyota. Sure, you’re paying a hefty premium for it, but a Beamer is designed like a fine watch. All the pieces are superbly engineered. Switches have that snappy feel of quality. The leather grade is a little better. It sounds better. It has a little more power.

For lots of people, there’s enough value in that to justify the big premium, and they pay it. And some people pay $30,000 for a Mark Levinson stereo system while others are ecstatic that they can get 95% of the way there with 1/10 of the outlay.

Oakley’s are worth the money. I used to work at a bicycle shop and used to sell them form time to time. The Oakley rep, a pretty cool buy by the way, would bring portable test equipment to compare Oakley versus other brands, some of which cost more. Usually, they were simplified pieces of real test equipment made for demo use. One would take a pair of laser (from a LED) beams and focus them both on a point on a wall. Then place various brands of glasses on them. All lenses would either converge the point of the beams before or way past the point that the reference ones were. And, he would let anyone with any pair of glasses try it out. And, the Oakleys he used were from people who had there own pair. He, in fact, never brought any sunglasses with him for the comparison. He used ours.

Plus, there is their warranty department which I have found to be pretty good. Also, assuming the info they put out is real, it also contributes to their price. And, having worn Oakley’s and tried others, they are the best sunglasses I have ever worn.

Also, the markup on them is typical. The products do not move very quickly unless you are in a high traffcic area. Typically we woul dbuy a whole bunch and over a period of a year we would sell them all.

By the way, the markup on a kickstand is higher, those cast aluminum dealies cost like $2.50 and we’d sell them for $7.

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Oh really? According to the Oakley rep I used to work with, it has ALWAYS been Oakley policy to NEVER sell their glasses at a discount no matter what. That means directly from them, outlet stores (though I doubt any outlet stores actually sell Oakleys), old styles, etc. If you see “Oakleys” for sell then they probably aren’t. You can check their web site and see that any price listed is the same as you would pay at any store.