Obama has to dress down, he's busy cleaning up your puke!

When you get down to it, most people wear suits and ties to show respect for their work environment. But at a certain level of society that changes. Beyond that point people wear suits and ties, not to show respect, but to command it from others. Perhaps Obama feels that he doesn’t need to wear a jacket and tie all the time to gain the respect of the other people who work in the Oval Office.

Did he make Powell stay and clean erasers at the end of the day?

That was a great article to read, and I enjoyed it. I like learning about these little things about how the White house is run. Very cool!

And he drinks HonestTea! That’s good stuff!

Over one-third of the time he was in office, Bush was dressed down because he was on vacation in one way or another. He damn sure wasn’t in the Oval Office. So Andrew Card can suck it.

Lose the ties. I hated wearing them. It is the male equivalent to high heels. Any one who wears one when not forced to is retarded.

Yeah! after him, the Oval Office didn’t have ANY corners in it! Coincidence? I think not!


Presidents have been photographed in their shirt sleeves before and will be again (god knows what Card will make of the first female Pres to wear jeans on casual Friday–or FMPs etc). This is a tempest in a GOP teapot, proving that some of them will stop at nothing to get their licks in. :rolleyes:

Card’s a putz. Bush (and Card) could lie and bullshit all they wanted, as long as they were wearing a suit while doing it, it’s ok.

To be fair, that interview wasn’t done in the Oval Office. Plus, it was right before Obama’s Super Bowl party. It wasn’t meant to be a formal interview, it was a "hey, a lot of people are watching the Super Bowl so let’s have a ‘let’s get to know the President a bit more now that he’s settling in’ pre-game chat. For millions watching the Super Bowl, it would have seemed awkward for Obama to be dressed way formally, even if that’s what they expected. It was a very subtle, ‘I’m a guy, not that different from many of you, and this guy is asking me some questions before I go in and have a kick ass Super Bowl party, just like you.’

Probably, anyway. That’s how I read it. He was loose, comfortable, genial, and so right at home. And Presidential at the same time.

I like the new informality. Obama will be formal when he needs to be formal. I’m sure he’ll be dressed up for his prime-time press conference and SOTU address next week.
Thanks ivylass for that article. I love those behind-the-scenes looks.

Sure, you can criticize Obama’s appearance, but at the end of the day you have to acknowledge that Bush was a case of ‘the clothes have no emperor.’

This is awesome. For the past I don’t know how many years, I’ve been looking eagerly forward to the day when people of my generation begin to take up positions of power. Folks who grew up used to calling their bosses by their first names, who grew up with computers and video games, and don’t have ideas about how the world should work that were obsolete by the 70s. Obama’s not quite of my generation (there’s 20 years between us) but he’s a glimpse into what that world will look like, and I am loving it so far.

I mean, jesus. Bush spent 15 minutes chewing out someone for khakis and a button shirt, when he called the man to his office on a Saturday? I realize weekends don’t really mean much at that level of power, but cut the guy a little slack.

I agree with Card. They should be wearing ties in the White House.

Do you wear ties in your house?

Why? Do ties give a +10 to Intellect?

snicker… good one.

:golf clap:

Card probably bitched when Kennedy didn’t wear a Top Hat. Considering how badly Bush sullied the Oval Office, I’m surprised that Obama isn’t dressed like this.

We’re not talking about the space in the White House where Obama lives – we’re talking about the Executive Office of The United States’ government.

Reagan & Bush had sufficient respect for the Oval Office that they wouldn’t enter it sans coat and tie.

Carter and his gang of bozos wore jeans in it, and Clinton stuck cigars into women and got blowjobs in it.

So far, Obama seems a little worse in Oval Office comportment than some but much better than others.

Seriously though, has anyone noticed that in almost all meetings of government leaders, everyone is wearing nice suits? There is a reason for that. Suits lend an air of professionalism and gravitas, and make them appear to be people who should be taken seriously.

There are going to be lots of government leaders around the world guaging Obama. The extent to which they cooperate with him or not – and the extent to which they try to take advantage of him or push him around – will depend largely on the impression they get of the seriousness and gravitas he projects.

In other words, in terms of garnering respect abroad – and isn’t that what so many of you around here have been so eager for? – he (and we) would be much better served by having a president who projects this kind of an image, rather than this kind of an image :D.

And like it or not, no tie and shirtsleeves rolled up…even without the cigarettes and Pepto Bismol…subliminally creates an image closer to the second picture than the first.

I grade for function over form; content over style, myself.

I’d bet that many middle class, working Americans would disagree. The perfectly tailored suit with tie and cufflinks is likely to make Joe the Jobless think “politics as usual,” whereas Obama’s image is coming off as more “finally, something different–someone actually working on my problems.” The former may come off as “Obama trying to put on a show,” whereas the latter may invoke “Obama is more worried about getting to work than picking up his dry cleaning.”

Yes, it’s definitely important that they wear jackets and ties. If they don’t it doesn’t look as professional, and someone might forget that the people meeting in the oval office with the president of the United States are important, professional people.

And because respect is gained in international relations based on how someone dresses when they’re in meetings with their own advisers.


Luckily we’re not discussing the times when Obama greets world leaders.

Still, this is a pretty illuminating look at the modern conservative mentality. Liberals and traditional conservatives want the President to uphold the oath of office. Modern conservatives get all gooey about them looking nice.

My god, what a bunch of whiners.

Anyway, here’s a pic of an Obama White House meeting: http://www.nytimes.com/2009/01/29/us/politics/29whitehouse.html?hp The man wears a tie, but he’s taken off his jacket so that he can -you know- get to work. Over the weekend, it’s “business casual”: slacks and button down shirts sans tie.

I predict a difficult period of adjustment for the modern conservative.

I’m not going to go digging for it, but it shouldn’t be too hard to find. While Mike “Heckuva Job” Brownie was floundering around in NOLA, sending back emails begging to be allowed to come home, the White House folks were sending him emails telling him to roll his shirt sleeves up before making any media appearances.

As for Obama “dressing down” I’ve never seen a photo of the man in any kind of suit other than a silk one. He’s probably got a dozen of them. How many Americans have a dozen silk suits? I’d wager that its not the majority of them.