OK: who is best? - men or women ?

Marge Simpson: Women are as smart as men. Why, a woman invented Liquid Paper.
Homer Simpson: Well, you know what a man invented? Actual paper!
Marge: Well a woman also invented the windshield wiper.
Homer: Which goes great with another male invention: the car! [high-fives Bart]
Marge: Ummm, I think a woman came up with nylon stockings. I mean, probably. We certainly use them.
Homer: Let’s see, men also have: rocket ships, suspnsion bridges, constitutional government, snowshoes, brass knuckles…
Marge: [groan]
Homer: …pinball machines, the Renaissance…
[cut to Homer, lying on couch alone at night]
Homer: Oh, why did women invent sleeping on the couch?

This is not a debate, great or otherwise, and I have no intention of inflicting this on the IMHO Mods.

Minotaurus, if you would like to initiate a serious discussion on the topic, go out and find some information that you can substantiate, apply some serious logic, and start a new thread in a more serious mien (probably in IMHO).

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