Okay, now it's time to put antifa in the same class as racists

I think it’s pretty safe to say that Eisenhower was an antifa (a violent one, even). Truman and FDR, too. Now, anarchists, they’re unsurprisingly pretty rare in the upper levels of government, but as we were just pointing out, that’s a very different group from antifa.

That’s an interesting choice of start dates.


Yeah, I’ve noticed that 9/11 is commonly used by statisticians as the BCE/CE of terrorism events in America. <shrug>

and the sad thing is that most of this stuff is carried out by insignificant little twats (almost always 15-23 year old “men”) who do it out of the desperate need to feel important.

Holy fuck you are stupid.

Remind me again how many people are born adhering to fascism as a political ideology?

I think that the sad thing is that in his example, (in fact, in the very text he quoted), the bombing was not done for political purposes, but for revenge:


I would like to extend an apology for this comment: adaher, I’m sorry. My comment was rude and inaccurate.

What I should have written was “Holy fuck that’s stupid.”

Because it is.

The people behind the September 11 attacks were radical right-wing extremists. They were also radical religious extremists: There’s an awful lot of overlap between those two categories.

Theodore John Kaczynski, aka “The Unibomber”.

First thing that crossed my mind with last Feb.'s Berkeley protests, too.
True - unprovable, obviously, but if anyone completely dismisses that idea I would say is bordering on disingenuousness/denial.

I don’t think it’s reasonable to put the likes of ISIS/Al-Qaeda on the “normal” right-left spectrum in American politics. It is reasonable to put white supremacists on this spectrum, though, since white supremacists have been so influential and powerful in much of American history.

No, the police should be arresting anyone committing violence. No cracking of heads, please.

Antifa are associated with political violence. That’s why we abhor them. But their stated purpose and history is to oppose fascism. It’s right there in the name. I know you know this, so to intentionally suggest they’re associated with fascism is… odd.

This anarchist placed a bomb on the front gate of a former governor of Idaho killing him.

Terror deems to go in cycles. In the seventies and eighties we had the Baader-Meinhof Group; The Japanese Red Army; the SLA; The Weathermen; Carlos the Jackel to name a few.

All political violence is wrong. For the center to hold childish finger pointing must stop and we have a unified front opposing violence.

Please explain for me the similarities between Al Queda terrorists and American right wingers. Maybe about the same as Khmer Rouge mass murderers and American Liberals.

I am firmly against political violence, including by this group that seems to only modestly outnumber Emmanuel Goldstein.

A little known fact is that Carlos the Jackal was a member of The Front for the Popular Liberation of Palestine.

The difference between Carlos and the TFFTLOP, apart from a 1950 year age difference, is that Carlos took action. :wink:

Not all right-wingers, but some want to enshrine their extreme, fundamentalist, misogynist, and homophobic sect of Christianity into law with no room for law-abiding productive citizens not of their sect. Substitute Christianity in that sentence with Islam and you have also described Al Queda or ISIS.

Were they the splitters or was that the Palestine Popular Liberation Front?