Oldest Radio Recording Extant?

Anybody interested in radio, BTW, should know that there are major museums in New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago.

The first two are branches of The Museum of Television & Radio; the Chicago one is the Museum of Broadcast Communication. It’s moving to a new location, so it will be closed for awhile.

Unfortunately, none of them have useful web sites, but they are unbelievably fascinating places to go visit.

A recording by a friend of him reading part of The Charge of the Light Brigade is on the British Library’s recent Spoken Words - Poets CD. Reputedly, he sounds drunk.

Not sure if this is better here or in a thread of its own, but here’s a recent fascinating article about the BBC’s archives:

The earliest known recording of a human voice dates back to 1860. At the time, however, there was no way of playing it. It had to be scanned by a computer to reproduce the sound.

And it famously reduced the BBC’s sainted Charlotte Green to a fit of the giggles.

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