Omnibus Stupid MFers in the news thread

Look forward to the updates to this cray-as-fuck scenario, because you gotta wonder about Mrs. Kuczwanski, with her claims of her monolithic ass-goblin of a husband being “entrapped and assassinated”, which I guess she imagined in some psychic vision or something. I’m sure the eyewitness reports, so far, probably confirmed what she’d imagine would go down. But hey - put up that front, anyway - with her mellifluous words of woe, so fulsomely reported in article.

Sometimes, spouses of jerks are not necessarily victims of said jerks. Instead, they are full partners.

The self closing doors I’m familiar with are equipped with an arm like this

Although they also make spring-loaded hinges.

Aside, I have some spring loaded hinges on a bathroom door in my house. But I turned them so it helps keep the door from shutting on its own. Ya see, a dog walked in the bathroom once by nosing the door open, when trying to get out, she fully closed the door. Then, out of frustration chewed through the water line to the toilet ultimately causing thousands of dollars of damage.

Judge berates a 72-year-old cancer patient in open court for not keeping his yard clean.

More on the above. (It looks like the picture is of a garage that opens to an alley - and that was hit by scrappers. I’d have thought that the “walkway” would be in the front of the house.)

I think I found some footage of the judge…

Well then. (This could have gone in at least two other threads)
A Messianic Rabbi Trumpist.
Nice boi.

Hopefully his ding-a-ling lawyer will work for future GOP causes:

oooo a model protester astronished observer!

ETA: but hey c’mon, let’s just cut this for a fiddy and forget about it.

I guess this is only to be expected from the geniuses who posted their crimes on social media:

As crews cleaned the US Capitol on January 7, 2021, the phone lines in House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office began to ring.

Rioters were calling “asking whether there was a lost and found because they forgot their phone there, or they left their purse or what have you,” Rep. Jamie Raskin, D-Md., told Insider on Friday in a Q&A.

Police officers swiftly took down information from the callers, Raskin said…

Snerk ©

Speculation is that the guy(s) are refunded the money via crowdfunding in a DAO, and it’s a scheme to launder money. I dunno how plausible that is but that’s where that Twitter thread went.

What an ass.

I just had a passing conversation with my Trumper neighbor. She says she is trying to avoid COVID19, but it’s really no more than a cold now.

Another ass.

I hear something like that and immediately think: I’m riding my motorcycle and a drunk driver is weaving all over the road. But it’s just a compact Hyundai, so I won’t worry. I mean … how much damage could it do to me ?

[things I’d never think]

A construction crew in Denver didn’t Call Before You Dig, and dug up the communications line for Call Before You Dig.

“Call before you dog” seems a lot less savory.

I don’t know how many Americans are aware, but “dogging” is slang in the UK for having sex with random strangers at rest stops (“lay-bys”). I learned this by watching British comedy panel shows.

I calling you dog!

NB: This is a reference to an old SDMB meme. I am not calling susan a dog.

More than that - welcoming voyeurs is an essential component. I think the term applies to all participants - both the voyeurs and the voyees.

Just a song about dogging.