Omnibus Stupid MFers in the news thread

‘I felt very unsafe’: Parents speak out after Proud Boys show up at children’s library event (

So, we are down to intimidating children. That’s what fills you with pride?

I’m sure those weren’t real children but antifa and crisis actors hired by George Soros

And once again masked (mostly). If they are so proud, why are they hiding?

The sheriff’s office added because it’s a public place there was no need for the Proud Boys to be removed.

The sheriff’s office declined an on-camera interview, but did release a statement from Sheriff McMahon that reads: “I took an oath not to uphold opinions, but to uphold the law. Which is exactly what my supervisor and Deputies did.”

So we’re back to the bound but not protected vs. protected but not bound meme, eh, sheriff? The citizens of New Hanover county need themselves a new sheriff.

I think it’s even simpler: he agrees with the Proud Boys and not the Pride Boys, as it were.

Wasn’t sure if this belonged in the Stupid Republican thread or in here, but apparently Lauren Boebert may be about to lose her gun-themed restaurant.

Not probably a real problem, as best I can tell. New landlords bought the property and won’t renew Boebert’s lease. But according to one report, Boebert and new landlords are negotiating for maybe Boebert to buy the property and become her own landlord. Failing that, Boebert could probably just find another location and move her restaurant there.

Or she could just unload it.

I’ve seen some speculation that she might just let it go to milk the “loss” for political attention.

After the pork slider incident, I don’t think she needs to unload anything food-related.

Oh, it’s not the existence the Far White, er Far Right compain about. It’s the expectation that they feel shame for being racist that they whine about.

Some of us have taken to calling them the White-Wing. Also, alt-white gets a little use.

A Sacramento city council member is being investigated as to whether he lives in his district. If he isn’t, it’s a violation of the city charter. He may not even live in the city. At the same time, He’s being investigated by the Department of Labor for threatening to have employees deported who cooperated in a previous investigation by Labor against his grocery stores for several employment law violations. The Department of Labor has been investigating him for over ten years with no results.

Boris Johnson says Ukrainians who arrive in the UK illegally could be deported to Rwanda.

Fried chicken may be my favorite food ever. I don’t make it much because of blood pressure and cholesterol issues, but goddamn do I love it.

The EEOC is suing a company in North Carolina for firing two employees for refusing to take part in prayer meetings. I’m sure the Supreme Court will rule that the firings were appropriate.

So, fundamentalist Christian pharmacists can’t be forced to do their jobs when it’s a matter of filling prescriptions for emergency contraception because it’s against their religious beliefs, but non-Christian employees can be forced to attend company prayer meetings although it’s against their religious beliefs. Makes perfect sense.

Why must you hate Jeebus so?

And I’m sure the Supreme Court will never rule on it.

Years ago, we had a rabid christian at work. I told him, “Do as you will in the break room, but no preaching on the shop floor,” which was entirely reasonable at the time, but this SCotUS might rule that we were infringing on his 1A rights.