Omnibus Stupid MFers in the news thread

I lost 5 IQ points just reading the OneBox summary here. I’m afraid to click the link and lose even more.

The basic argument is that professional eaters are athletes who know the risks and prepare for them. Amateur eating contests don’t inform the contestants well enough and so are liable if a person is injured.

I’m not saying it’s a good argument but that’s basically the angle that the lawyer is taking.

Well, regular American tacos do tend to develop sharp edges as you eat them.

I didn’t do it! That whore and those damn libtards and fake news people are trying to smear me. But it won’t work!!!

Well, yeah, I did do it. And I am very, very , very sorry,

That was funny. :laughing:

Always good to vet your audience before diving into racist epithets:

In the late afternoon on April 6, a woman burst into Good Choice for Nails Salon near Manhattan’s Chinatown and began berating and threatening the Asian workers. “You brought coronavirus to this country!” she yelled, according to police.

Her diatribe continued outside, where she spewed hateful remarks at an Asian person on the sidewalk.

Then, when a bystander intervened, she called the Asian American man “a Chinese mother f-----," according to police. But he wasn’t just another pedestrian: He was an undercover NYPD officer.

[reminds me of a scene from “Blazing Saddles:” *Sorry about the [NB: profanity]"Up yours, nigger"]

Elsewhere, Merrill, who has had his eye on the state’s soon-to-be vacant U.S. Senate seat, went even further, labeling the woman he denied having an affair with as “stalking” and “harassing” him.

I think he’s just opened himself up to more lawsuits for defamation with this one.

He seems to have come from the Sidney Powell school of PR: When standing in a hole, dig like mad!!! Preferably with power tools and explosives.

No one expects the truth from conservatives so it cannot be defamation!



I just spit the water I was drinking all over my monitor. Thanks a lot! :laughing:

Nameless ‘women’ from Matt Gaetz’s office reject ‘false’ allegations

Does this mean that the Washington Examiner doubts the existence of the ‘women’?

They’ll generally doubt anything which contradicts whatever the far-right narrative is at the time which makes their pointing out “the statement did not mention any names or say how many women in Gaetz’s office signed it” rather remarkable.

How would the women on Gaetz’s staff know whether he was having sex with an underage girl when he’s not in the office?

Maybe she works for him in the office.

And nobody cares until they are beating white boys.

I am certain that, of course, that guards are all Democrats and Anitfa and Trump Haters. But still, go fuck yourself, prvileged douchebag,

Fuck her. Lock her up in cell and fill it with shit and then set it on fire and will still be far, far less than she deserves.

You can watch her crimes on Netflix:

The abuses described in that article, if accurate, are horrific. They should not be happening to anyone of any race. The correct response is not to forgo prison but to make sure all prisoners are safe. Yes I totally acknowledge the hypocrisy of these priveleged assholes suddenly concerned about prison conditions, but I’m just not comfortable with the mistreatment of any prisoner for any reason.

Ok maybe I used the word horrific too soon.

And Nordean’s filing cites a Politico story based on statements by another prisoner about treatment of a third man. This is a choking doberman story.