Omnibus Stupid MFers in the news thread

UVA has a swimming pool reactor on grounds. I actually got to go in and see it once (had a friend who worked there).

The MyPillow guy filed a request demanding that the government give him his phone back. This was today, Thursday. The judge ruled against him because the court had ruled yesterday, Wednesday, in the Individual 1 case that you can’t demand that the government give you back your property (or alleged property) while the investigation is ongoing.

There’s a bit of delicious irony in that link. Apparently, she was asserting that she was fired due to her race. The judge didn’t buy that.

NyQuil is horrible-tasting. Why would you want a chicken that tastes like that?

To… get likes on TikTok, I guess.

People are stupid, what can I say?

Tide Pods aren’t exactly yummy either.

Yeah, NyQuil is for salmon, Robitussin is for chicken.

Brisket au Listerine, anyone?

Coq au vicodin

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Yeah, NyQuil is for salmon, Robitussin is for chicken.

I accidentally overdosed on Robitussin once. My dad said she’d read the label instructions, which told me to take two tablespoons per dose. I took two doses of it. Not realizing that it was supposed to be two teaspoons. It caused serious short-term memory problems. I find it unfathomable that people would do it on purpose because it’s supposed to feel good.

Never done drugs, have you? Lots of people do things on purpose because it’s supposed to feel good and later realize it doesn’t.

That’s how I ended up smoking a cigarette coated with Crest toothpaste.

Or confusing hypoxia with high

Just buy a pack of Cools. (Not sure if they exist anymore)

The Church of England refuses to allow Desmond Tutu’s daughter to conduct a funeral service for her godfather, despite his explicit wishes, because she’s married to a woman.

These days they sell Kools.

As I recall, they sold candy cigarettes under the name Cool.

Pretty sure the Berenstein Bears used to advertise them.

I have a pack of Cools in my gym bag! I love to work out with a candy cig hanging off my lip.

If I’m out, I have a bag of Twizzlers in there, too. Also fun to munch on while pushing it on the Elliptical Trainer. And a nice counterbalance to the gym rats who take themselves soooo seriously.

Every segment of the Arizona electorate thinks Kyrsten Sinema sucks.