Omnibus Stupid MFers in the news thread

Watching his new company completely tank as people flee like rats from a sinking ship.

That was already happening before this guy disagreed with him.

I’m not saying there are immediate consequences for this one incident. But that’s the consequence for his behavior in aggregate.

Tulsi Gabbard has been signed by Fox. I am not surprised.

Working for Fox would be consequences for folks with a soul or integrity.

Bloomington/Normal is in Illinois. I lived about 9 miles NE of the town/s when I was a kid.

Anyone who butts heads with boss on a public forum deserves to be fired. And probably wants to be fired.

He fired people for things they said on the internal Slack too. Nothing public about that. If the boss can’t handle internal feedback, he is a bad boss.

I kind of figure this firing is the most justifiable one he’s made at Twitter.

The fragility of the dude’s ego rivals Trump’s.

Watching him mismanage Twitter into a death spiral really makes me eager to see him take 5,000 of his richest friends to a Martian colony. I’d pay money for a live feed, at least for as long as it qualified as live. I wonder how long it would take him to figure out that you can’t abuse oxygen out of rocks like you can lines of code out of programmers.

He should take the million wealthiest people in the world on a nice little trip to Golgafrincham.

Qatar paid millions of dollars for the right to host the World Cup and now doesn’t want reporters to cover it.

Jury selection in Payne’s murder trial was supposed to start Monday, but Tucker couldn’t make it to court due to the medical emergency…

“You need to seriously seek new counsel,” Malone told [defendant Hannah] Payne. “He’s doing you a disservice because you’ve been here. We’re ready to start a trial today.”

Tucker said he was stunned.

“I was astonished. I couldn’t believe it,” Tucker said. “She kind of made me look real bad on TV.”

Faking an injury to influence a game is vile; naming your fake to the media is stupid.

Only if the Brontaroc is endemic there.


Wrong movie. :wink:

Some disgruntled employee at Twitter HQ in San Francisco has taken control of the news chyron that runs across the front of the building and is running multiple insults on Musk. Apartheid profiteer, supreme parasite, petulant pimple, dictator’s asskisser, lawless oligarch, insecure colonizer, space Karen, mediocre manchild, megalomaiac,

So who’s the stupid MF’er in this story? Not the employee, IMO.

I don’t see any insults. ISTM to be a quite accurate list.