Omnibus Stupid MFers in the news thread

I have no idea how to find it but that reminds me of the White guy who let a Black preacher and the preacher’s wife stay in his home, only to end up held captive in his own basement.

Poor brainwashed Anna; best thing Josh could do for her is make her the Widow Duggar.

Was it this one?

When I first saw that headline, my immediate first thought was that it must be another one of their retro stories, from some ante-bellum news archive.

I think I’d be okay with those 10 years being abusive hard labor, doing something profitable and giving Smith all of the proceeds. And by abusive, I mean making him live in an infested hole, given constant verbal abuse, and occasional beatings when he slacks off or does anything other than complete and immediate obedience.

Yeah, that’s it. Thanks.

It looks like “ethnic intimidation” is a hate crime statute in Ohio. So I don’t think @Gyrate is completely wrong. If I understand correctly, “ethnic intimidation” is not a criminal charge in itself, it elevates the seriousness of the basic charge.

Section 2927.12 - Ohio Revised Code | Ohio Laws.

You can drive south down 395 and actually see it happening, too.

but we’re not terrorists

Proud Boys Canada disbands after Canadian government designates them a terrorist organization.

Caitlin Jenner opposes trans girls being allowed to play on boys’ sports teams. And yet, she plays golf off the women’s tees and plays in women’s golf tournaments.

What an idiot.

“The US Supreme Court should overturn the Facebook’s ‘Oversight Board’s’ ‘ruling’ which upholds the outlawing of the 45th President of the United States from social media,” Kirk tweeted, urging the highest court in the land to force Facebook to host speech Kirk prefers. “This is a big tech, corporate oligarchy without standing and it’s gone too far. Enough is enough.”

And he’s a stupid liar as well.

Oh, come fucking on, the “vote auditors” checking the ballots in Arizona are doing “forensic testing” of the ballot material in search of bamboo fibers that would reveal fraudulent ballots shipped over from China (“the south-east corner of the world”).

(sorry about the link to Rachel Maddow, but her reaction to dumbfuckery just makes it all that much better)

That is some stupid shit. For crying out loud, bamboo grows all over the place so bamboo fibers prove nothing. They should be looking for panda fur; that would be definitive proof that the ballots were Chinese. Or dragon scales - definitely Chinese.

Well, guess what —- I agree with Kirk.

I think Biden should do more to censor speech on Tucker Carlson Tonight.
Not anywhere else, only on Tucker Carlson tonight.

Sorry, I just got a giggle at the way the first sentence of that article could be parsed.

But that could just show that the ballots were stored in the Washington DC zoo.

i saw dr maddow last night. special cameras for bamboo. this action in arizona needs to be shut down now. it is getting more and more absurd each day.

i do hope the courts and justice department shut this down.

By Jove, you may have just cracked this case. Anyone know how close the Washington zoo is to the pedophelia pizza place? Someone alert Rudy - I think CalMeacham has found the missing link. (insert dramatic fade-to-commercial music here)

To sum up …

While the MAGAts were orgiastic as their Dear Leader “owned the libs,” the Democrats were, in fact, bamboo-zling The Great Orange One out of the Presidency.

Got it.

IIRC, they’re getting kicked out of the venue they’re using in a couple weeks because it’s booked. So they’ll either have to call it a wrap or pack up all their magical watermark cameras / fold evaluators / bamboo screeners and find somewhere else to pull their shenanigans.