Omnibus Stupid MFers in the news thread

I guess he died while doing what he loved. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

That doesn’t apply to any messages about political stuff, fundraising, or getting out the vote.

DWAC disclosed in Monday’s filing TruthSocial does have exclusive rights to some of Trump’s social media postings—but it won’t have a monopoly on the type of political red meat that made Trump such a draw on Twitter in the first place. In general, Trump will be obligated to post content on TruthSocial six hours before it can be published anywhere else. But there’s a massive loophole: These rules don’t apply to any content that is related to political messaging, political fundraising, or get-out-the-vote efforts. Those can be posted anywhere Trump wants, whenever he wants.

I imagine those are the kinds of tweets he’d really like to make now that he officially announced his candidacy.

But even though he can use Twitter, apparently he has concerns about Truth Social. Now that it is tied to him so tightly, its failure is his failure, and his snowflake ego can’t stand looking like a loser.

Trump has told people that he can’t ditch Truth Social — the social-media platform he launched after being banned from Twitter and Meta-owned Facebook last year — because it’s too intertwined with his image and brand to let it fail

He doesn’t. He likes money. And he thinks this will make money.

It won’t. It will accelerate twitter’s decline into the toilet.

Oh see my brother’s clumsy Colonel, and when he gets unhappy he breaks things. Like say, he don’t feel the army’s playing fair by him, he may start breaking things, Colonel.

Elon reinstated Individual 1 after a poll dominated by bots, and responded with , “Vox populi, vox dei”, “The voice of people is the voice of God”. But then somebody pointed out that he was only quoting part of the whole statement, which was "Nec audiendi qui solent dicere, vox populi, vox dei, quum tumultuositas vulgi semper insaniae proxima sit.”, “Do not listen to those who say the voice of the people is the voice of God, since the tumult of the crowd is always close to madness.”

He did that after conducting a poll on Twitter. A bunch of people voted to reinstate Tan the Conman and now they’re all whining about how the left censors free speech but their hero is back to tell them what to believe, er, I mean to tweet some more.

Musk broke twitter so bad that, shades of Usenet, users are apparenty uploading entire cinematic movies, and they are not getting taken down.

He’s Nero, fiddling as Rome burns.

Man calls the police on 9-year-old neighbor (oh, and she’s black) because she was spraying bugs and it scared him,

You’re a bit late on the bug sprayer there.


Multiple White House correspondents are comparing the Biden White House to the lies told by the Individual 1 White House because they weren’t allowed to cover Biden’s granddaughter’s wedding. It’s as if they got together and compared notes and then came out to whine.

Folks need to study the definition of cover is seems.

Stalker, having been ejected from victim’s home, took his anger out on a pair of parked cars. What a hothead.

FOX guest, who is the founder of “Gays Against Groomers”, blames the Colorado Springs attack on gender affirmations and “groomers” and says it’s going to keep happening until gays stop grooming and trans people stop asking for gender affirmation. She’s just begging for more attacks.

That’s not stupidity (other than the fact that everything said is completely wrong), it’s malice. Simple, ugly malice, in the service of a quest for permanent power over all our lives.

They’re openly encouraging murder because the people being murdered are people they are scared of. They are scared of anyone who is different from them. They don’t understand LGBTQ people and wish they were dead. If different people stopped existing then their world would be more comforting.

Until they found the next group to be scared of or feel persecuted by. Some people appear to be affirmed by a sense of victimhood.

- OdF, who grew up Catholic in the 1950s on a steady diet of persecution stories.

Yup. It’s not possible to get out of danger that way; eventually the people trying to do so will turn on each other. They’re increasing their danger, not reducing it.

Getting them to understand that ain’t easy –

They do not need different people to cease to exist, they just need them to not exist over here. If only the differents would just exist way over there and never theaten, much less cosider, coming over here, everything would be peechee.