Omnibus Stupid MFers in the news thread


Disclaimer: This story was originally posted July 31, 2019 by our sister station, WKRN.

I was going to point out this has happened a couple of times before, but this is one of the couple:

(I’m not giving the side-eye to Rick_Kitchen, but to the news site for recycling a 2 year old story.)

Tries to sell a car…with his murdered girlfriend’s body still in the backseat???

Hey, it was sold “as is”.

Carpool lane ready.

A piercing scream followed by Mr. Johnson slapping his forehead. “I knew I forgot something.”

Nashville in mid June. Probably a tad bit hot & sticky.

I’m trying to make a “Comes with a warm Happy Meal” joke here but it’s not quite working.

Not so loud! Everybody will want one.

Sorry, all the cars we sell come from the factory like that. It’s a mandatory option.

“I mean, sure, if you really want… what, zero bodies? Is zero really the only number that’ll work for you? Anyhow, we’d have to call around and see if we can find one like that. But I gotta be honest with ya here, you’ll end up waiting a month for one from some place like California, and it’ll have a premium package of expensive options. But hey, you want what you want…”

of course

Is this an oxymoron?

In the context of car dealerships, it’s just a conventional moron-ism. No oxy- required. :wink:

That is all just as clear as a borosillycat.

It’s the proverbial offer you can’t refuse.

I recently bought a sporty-ish car. I wanted mine in any one of the more interesting colors. Not black, white, silver/gray, nor tan/beige.

Within dealer inventory in the entire sporty / flashy state of Florida, that filter eliminated about 95% of the inventory.

Yup, de facto, the cars are only available in those 4 colors despite the factory have several much more interesting colors. A “mandatory option” indeed.

Mandatory options are a real thing. All Subarus shipped to New England dealers used to come with the Winter Package (heated seats, heated side mirrors, electrically heated front window). If you didn’t want that option you’d have to special order a car and wait for a while. I’m not sure if that specific setup is still in place as many of those features are now standard on all models.

Do they come with block heaters? Every car seems to come with them in Canada, even where my in-laws live, which really doesn’t get that much colder than where I live, in NYC. And nobody here ever heard of a block heater.

Sadly, no. Luckily I can garage mine, so I’m generally good. And this winter it wasn’t an issue at all.

“Still has that ‘new corpse’ smell”