Omnibus Stupid MFers in the news thread

Would that be “throwing a hallway down a hotdog?”

I stand corrected:

“At least copy and paste the name of the province correctly, random idiot from whatever organization did this”

Yeah it was a pretty dumb typo. I assume British-Colombians exist; I’m sure someone from Britain has repatriated to Colombia at some point. But Ms. Didulo was not one of them. (She emigrated to Canada from the Philippines.)

This is the author of the piece if you’re wondering.

Interestingly, the idjits who were apparently handing out flyers while trespassing at a school was noted in a local paper - on June 10. And there has been virtually no reporting about this person with mental challenges in Canada in the almost three weeks since. And this is a good thing, since the last person this whack-a-doodle with violent imagery needs is publicity.

I’m confident that she did attract the attention of the RCMP though, and is currently being monitored. So she’s got that going for her anyway, which is nice.

I meant to type “Independent”, I’m not even sure where the hell that slip came from. :confused:

Man reported a theft from inside his vehicle, police later discover man’s deceased mother in said vehicle:

So is Self-Incrimination-by-Leaving-Murder-Victim-in-Vehicle the hot trend this year? Lame. :roll_eyes:

A 4 year old boy in Colorado came down with the flu. His doctor prescribed Tamiflu. His mother went on a facebook anti-vax page and they told him to use essential oils, feed him elderberries and fruits and vegetables, and give him vitamins…
He died.
The guy who runs the facebook group said it was the fault of the hospital for not giving the little boy the crap the facebookers had recommended.

So she killed one of her kids, what is going to happen to the other two?

Start smelling of elderberries?

“And then we’ll check that Satyrday to make your weekend plans”
“Keep fucking that chicken”

Their father the hamster was unavailable for comment.

If the smell bothers you, just fart in their general direction.

Yeah its all fun and games until some idiot takes it seriously and bombs the local Audubon society,

Well she definitely did manage to get her sign on Camera, and I think its pretty likely her Omi and Opi have seen it. So mission accomplished I guess.

Small town Ohio police chief resigns after leaving a KKK sign on a black officer’s desk. “It was just a prank, bro.”

The question I have is, will the police chief learn anything true and useful from this experience, or will he regard it as (and tell all his cronies that he was a victim of) political correctness gone wild?

“Fuck it, they call us Nazis no matter what we do!”

It sounds like that guy didn’t want to work anymore. Weird way to say “I Quit.”

He can say that in the deposition for the lawsuit. I’m sure it will help.

So his career committed “suicide by cop”?