Omnibus Stupid MFers in the news thread

Zoom: it’s the online equivalent of a Swiss Army knife. Nobody, and I mean nobody, can use the corkscrew without cutting themselves with the fish scaler.

:arrow_up_small: so funny I laughed out loud and then copied it to my son’s sig other. She just started a job this month as a software engineer with Loom.

At least nobody at the school board was having online sex on another device at the same time & got confused about which camera was which. That’d really fire up the PTA. In Harper Valley or anywhere else. :wink:

Yes, his radical views! Like his view that Biden won an election and the other side has no evidence at all that fraud existed. And that storming the capitol and killing police officers is actually wrong. And being mean, so very mean, to the Great and Good Donald J Trump!

To be fair, Becerra doesn’t have experience as a health care provider as Senator Kennedy stated. But I don’t think the HHS Secretary is actually expected to perform in a medical capacity, so that’s probably not much of a problem.

Personally, I think that appointing him to that position signals that President Biden is seeking to expand and protect women’s reproductive rights, given Becerra’s political history in those matters, and I don’t have a problem with that.

There have been exactly 3 secretaries of health and human services since the position was created in 1979 who were physicians. So I fail to see how not being a healthcare provider is even relevant

Oklahoma football player picks a fight in a mens’ room - against someone who turned out to be a MMA fighter Oklahoma WR Spencer Jones Nearly Lost Eye In Insane Bar Brawl Caught On Video

“Badass” comes in several gradations. Who knew?!

Certainly not Spencer Jones. Oops.

In fairness, from the article it’s not clear if he started the fight or was trying to calm two jerks who refused to be calmed.

I don’t see either.

I bet Becerra also can’t juggle or play sax.

Ted Cruz said something.

Like anyone fucking cares.

Ted Cruz, idiot, thinks it’s alaughable.

Except that Trump’s pick, which Cruz OK’d, was not a doctor.

How do I get the text to display? That fucking thing just wants to play a video…

There is no text to display. It’s a link to a video, not a text article.

Fox viewers have trouble with the readin’

As if Trump has accomplishments.

Granted. But the favicon on the banner indicated that it was being provided by MSN.

Mister Becerra is brown. As are Meera Tanden and Debb Haaland.

At CPAC, Ted Cruz Mocks Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, says ‘Donald J. Trump Ain’t Going Anywhere’ (

Cruz: “I will continue to lick Trump’s ball sack whenever he wishes, no matter how he insults me or my wife!”

Lies are one thing. Idiot lies are something else.

C’mon, guys. Put some effort into it!

Several Republicans tell House they can’t attend votes due to ‘public health emergency.’ They’re slated to be at CPAC. (

They should give their proxy to the majority leader to vote as she chooses.