Omnibus Stupid MFers in the news thread

It’s mostly bullshit, but reading the article she is attempting to collect from the guy’s umbrella policy which is attached to the car, but I don’t think the damages paid out from an umbrella policy have to have initiated with the car.

So, she’s claiming she got an STD because the dude didn’t tell her he was infected and is trying to collect on that. Other collusion type shit going on, but I think I can see why a lawyer would take the case and why a judge didn’t immediately dismiss it.

Well, they did have a collision.

KITT you ignorant slut.

Before you jump to this conclusion, you need to watch Titane (spoilers at the Wiki link) :scream:

Read this article:

I admit I watch too much TV, especially cop shows. I read this and my first thought was that the boyfriend committed murder and faked the ZOOM video and blamed the kid.

I mean, that’s almost a redundant headline. If the headline read “Man Arrested After Police (blah blah blah)”, 8-1 it’s a Florida Man story.

“But as we were doin’ the deed, ah saw a can of ‘STD High Mileage Treatment’ right there in the back of his car! Well, ah knew right then thet li’l ol’ me was in trouble again…”

The president of the Chicago police union is telling officers not to release their vaccination status. Yeah, that’ll keep them from getting fired for not being vaccinated!

I would pay good money to watch the resulting commercial.

A gecko on the Maury Povich show, where Maury declares, “You are not the father!”

Lindsay Graham claimed that 40,000 Brazilians “wearing designer clothes and Gucci bags” crossed the border at Yuma County, Arizona, on their way to Connecticut (Washington Post paywalled article). I think the idea is hilarious. It seems unlikely that anyone with means would hike from Brazil to Connecticut when there are direct flights to JFK (for under $500).

And aren’t those exactly the types of immigrants that the GOP is saying we should let in? Meaning ones with money?

No, no. They’re still lacking just one thing.

What are they lacking? MAGA hats?

Let’s just say that if they looked more, ummmm, white, let’s say.

Plenty of Brazilians are white; Wikipedia says about 48% are white.

With Gucci bags? Are you mad? Total clash.

Perhaps you can get a MAGA hat (leather?) at the Gucci boutique?

No, not white, ‘white’.

And they “talk funny”.