Omnibus Stupid MFers in the news thread

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Did they even read the piece before they published it? It’s one of the dumbest things ever.

Here is my summary of the main points of the article. I am not making this up

Ivermectin is effective against certain worms and parasites.

If you are infested with worms and parasites, it will be harder for your immune system to fight off Covid.

Therefore, if you use ivermectin against your serious worm and parasite infestation, you may be more likely to survive Covid, since you won’t also be battling worms and parasites at the same time.

Using this logic, I could make the claim that Adderall is useful against Covid, since it may cause obese Covid patients to drop a little weight, which would make them more likely to survive.

Despite this overwhelming evidence that ivermectin may be marginally useful in a minuscule subset of Covid patients who are also infested with worm and parasites - the lying liberal media continues to spread the disinformation that ivermectin is totally useless against Covid.

Because of this outrageous disinformation, half the population distrusts the scientific community.

This half of the population considers the scientific community to be an “enclave of hostile aliens”.

The article didn’t say which half of the population considers scientists to be hostile aliens residing in an enclave, but I bet I can guess.

You wouldn’t take a vaccine if it was given to you by a enclave dwelling hostile alien, would you?

You get really super pissed off of if a hostile enclave alien tried to make you get vaccinated, wouldn’t you?

Then why does everyone persist in treating people that don’t want hostile aliens sneaking out if their enclaves to jab them with needles like the bad guys?

If they want people to get vaccinated, they need to stop being hostile aliens.

They way to do this is to stop telling people that ivermectin is ineffective in people with Covid, because it still treats worms and parasites in people with Covid.

Liberals bad.

If I didn’t know the Washington Examiner wasn’t a parody site, I’d think it was parody. Seriously, this may be the dumbest fucking thing I’ve read in my life, and I’ve been on the SDMB for over 25 years

Wow. That’s incredibly dumb. Because I’ve read some pretty dumb shit here.

Kind of a passive-aggressive way of telling us we need to up our stupidity game, but OK.

Thank you for taking one for the team. I could feel brain cells die reading your summary – I can’t imagine how bad the real deal must be.

So, if I’m not currently infested with worms and parasites (AFAIK) and I catch Covid, and I want to have some hope that ivermectin will cure me, I should make sure to get myself deliberately infested with worms and parasites, then take my ivermectin, and all will be well. Got it.

Sounds like the old story about a guy with a cold who goes to his doctor demanding he be cured. On being told that can’t be done the guy demands the doc do something.

“Okay, sit outside with your shirt off and your feet in a tub of cold water.”

“What? Then I’ll catch pneumonia!”

“Yup. And that we can cure.”

This sounds like a joke now, but was it always? I’ve got an impression lurking in the deeper recesses of my brain that this was once-upon-a-time a seriously believed old-wives-tale about how to treat a cold.

All won’t be well, but you’ll have a worm and parasite free COVID experience.

Only after antibiotics came in. Before that bacterial infections could well be as deadly as viral ones are now. Lord Carnarvon, the guy who bankrolled finding Tut Ankhamun’s tomb, died when a mosquito bite got infected from a razor cut which led to blood poisoning which (ta da!) led to pneumonia in 1923.

A Florida woman was arrested trying to carry 56 Glock handguns across the border into Canada.

A gunrunner! How quaint.

Getting guns out of America doesn’t sound so bad to me…

It was the Canadian border agents who found them and raised a fuss.

Is it just me, or does anyone else think the phrase “that Jack built” should be in here somewhere?

Look, everyone needs to get in a little cardio or they become gun amblers, and no one wants that!

“Personal use, man!”

I tried that with weed, forty years ago, but they took it anyway.

But, since they were Canadian, they immediately apologized for the fuss, and went back to listening to Celine Dion and thinking about what birds to put on their currency next.

Okay, since this is the stupid thread, can we marvel at the last line there?

The CBSA says it is the largest single firearms seizure they’ve made in southern Ontario in recent memory.

Could you come up with a more lazy-ass record? Why even include this? It gives basically no useful information.