Omnibus World Football Thread 2020/2021

I don’t know, I saw them working hard last night, including a lot of pressing, but they absolutely looked unprepared to track back anytime the ball came down quickly, particularly Brooks.

Berhalter not bringing in any subs until 80, I have questions. I was watching on the Spanish language channel, so I have no idea if there was some kind of explanation of that….

Pulisic and Brooks are the only people that were around then, no? No, I guess Acosta and Yedlin were too. I think Pulisic has looked pretty fired up every game he’s played this summer. Brooks had a very had night.

Berhalter said he thought Pefok and Aaronson were still being effective and that’s why he waited for subs. Bigsoccer is sure the US won’t qualify if Berhalter isn’t fired soon. I don’t think either will happen, but certainly have more questions now than I did last week.

I don’t think he’ll be fired soon, although if there’s a disastrous result in the next game it’s possible. Klinsmann was out after that 4-0 loss if I remember. And I guess McKennie and Dest are both out for the next game.

Having said that, two draws is not really a catastrophe. The first was an away game, and Canada isn’t a pushover these days.

The second time in his young career has he missed a match for violating Covid protocols (it happened with Juve as well). He needs to grow up quickly.

They sent him back to Italy ahead of a game that will really really set the tone for this campaign. I’m ok with it. I bet the rest of the players, Pulisic especially are pissed at him. Hopefully he takes it to heart and is more professional in the future.

USA up 3-1 on Honduras…

This game was nuts. Honduras dominated the first half so bad I was thinking everyone involved should be fired. The US destroyed Honduras the second. Antonee Robinson was phenomenal, and what a debut for Ricardo Pepi.

John Brooks was awful. On paper he’s the best CD by a mile, but he was (partially) responsible for both goals this break. I thought he was penciled in in the XI, but I don’t think so any more.

The subs were all perfect. People like to hate on Lleget at times, but he and Robinson were really essential is driving the game forward and getting the ball into the box. Both them, and Aaronson, completely changed the mentality of the game and then Roldan and Yedlin came in to finish it off.

I do think the injury to Pulisic may have helped in a strange way. Everything was going through Pulisic who started to take on the entire Honduras team by himself. When he was off, the team started trying other vectors of attack.

Agree with everything said here, including the speculation that Pulisic going out resulted in others filling the space.

The other thing I’d note, I’ve never really watched a team play in the 3-4-3, but it was chaos in the midfield, so I’m pretty sure that’s not how it works. Once they moved to 4-3-3 it looked much more controlled. (I’m not really familiar with back three formations as it is, other than Kovac’s 3-5-2 at Bayern, so experts feel free to correct me)

Quite the turnaround from how things looked at halftime of the US game to how they look now. USA, Canada, and Panama all on 5 points, with Panama playing both USA and Canada in the next window.

Canada had a very good performance, especially without Davies available. Also they were able to keep their heads pretty well in the face of some pretty rough play. It was nice to see Tajon get a goal after the battering he was taking.

I’m also wondering where the USA at Canada match will be played in January. Commonwealth Stadium in Edmonton, maybe? :wink:

I’d like to see Adams in the midfield in a 3-4-3 rather than at wingback. That by itself is a big change, but I agree it was more about the formation than it was the personnel.

The US really wants to play wingbacks because that’s where Dest is best, LB is weak, and they’re fairly deep at CB. And, in theory, it helps less mobile CBs like Brooks. Honduras scored when he pushed way up the field and the wingback didn’t cover.

Pulisic… I dunno. He’s so damn talented, but I agree the US was better without him. Looks like maybe the Gold Cup wasn’t a fluke. He’s going to need to decide to be a cog rather than trying to run the whole offense. If he’s playing hero-ball the defense can key on him instead of having to defend a team.

Messi just tied Pele for most ever international goals for a CONMEBOL player. Nutmeg and then wonderful finish. Probably 50/50 he beats it later this game.

Its even more remarkable because COMENBOL teams play each other all the time and are very familiar with one another.

And a second to pass Pele.

Good to see Canada get by Honduras without Davies, but with Hutchinson, David and Tajon, I would’ve been let down if they’d lost. Thankfully Davies took a light knock to the knee, is training back in Munich, and should be good to go against Liepzig this Saturday. As long as he’s ready for Mexico Oct. 7.

ACK!!! - as already mentioned, not till Jan. 30 that I’ll have to wait until the next time we square up against you cretinous US reprobates!

Now that we (the USA) are out of Afghanistan we can use our forces to occupy Canada, absorb their best players and ensure our place in Qatar!! hehe :smiley:

And a third :slight_smile:

Seems likely he’ll end up at #3 all time behind Ronaldo and Ali Daei. He’d have to have an insane end of his career to catch either. Staying at #4 or #5 is more likely than catching #2, I think.

The Champions League starts Tuesday. Bayern travels to Barca in probably the best Match Day 1 game. Man U travel to play Young Boys in Switzerland. They have a poor record against Swiss teams.

I think Bayern will take it 9 - 2 this time.

Little sidebar about newly-promoted Clermont Foot 63 in Ligue Un, still undefeated after their first four (2 W, 2 D), and in third place. Can’t think of any newly-promoted team in any other league matching that.
Heh, they’re in Paris tomorrow, so if they can still eke out a draw (unlikely, sure, especially with #30 making his home debut, or Goodness Gladys, a W) that should really turn some heads.