Omnibus World Football Thread 2020/2021

That ended up being quite some game.

Yeah, pretty exciting. The US has a lot going for them but some major problems too. If things come together 2026 could be a big year for US soccer.

Canada is totally making their first WC this round.

Somebody at another board calculated that the average age of the US starting lineup tonight was 21. Five years from now we could be putting a team in the field that’s in its footy prime and with scads of international experience to boot.


Canada today looked really good. On the Davies goal it’s hilarious how much ground he made up to track down the ball. A good win for the US as well, so those two with Mexico are definitely favourites to qualify.

The only problem I see for Canada is they only have 3 home games in the second half of the cycle, and 2 of those are Mexico and the US. You can envision a scenario where Canada doesn’t get much from those two games, and needs to make up lots of points on the road.

I don’t know that they will need to make up much even if they drop points at home. They’ve had their two hardest games already and got points in both. The US hasn’t played Mexico at all. Hasn’t played Canada or Costa Rica away (although this is less scary than prior years). They might have the easiest set of remaining games of any of the teams.

Davies is the best player in the confederation. Maybe Pulisic if he could stay healthy is up there, but that’s it. And how far do you have to go to find someone that was definitely better? Rafa Marquez had a heck of a career. Hugo Sanchez?

I agree Canada is in good shape, I was more looking for a possible downside to temper my enthusiasm a bit :grin:. My thinking was just that the home games are tough teams, and the easier teams are away games, so every game has its difficulty. I’m sure not going to dwell on that after a win like today’s, though.

Maybe 2 cheers, as he was directly responsible for the CRC goal not being ruled offside. :smiley:

True that. Three cheers for the left post!

There is something not right with Pochettino and PSG. They won again for the record but it was another late goal to win at home in the league after conceding first. Messi and other South American players were unavailable because they had not returned yet after playing for their countries in the international break. But PSG still had Mbappe and other quality players and still struggled to win.

Pochettino’s Tottenham was a really exciting and fun team to watch. He had a fraction of the resources he has with PSG but got much more out of it in England than he is in France where now he has a super team. I don’t know what the problem is. Maybe he suits an underdog story of building a team upwards rather than being in charge of a ready-built team?

Wait, should @madsircool start a 2021/2022 thread? [I’d be just as content with this being 2020/2022…it effectively is anyway]

I agree. Whatever works. Also this thread isnt so massive that someone wouldnt read through all of it.

Liverpool Atletico is an early goalfest. Liverpool and Bayern look like the early favorites to win it.

I agree with Bayern, don’t know about Liverpool. Curious to see if City can ever keep up form over an entire UCL campaign.

Dortmund, oof.

Man U 0 Atalanta 2

Countdown to Ole getting the sack 10…9…8…7

Never been a fan of giving preference to ex players in hiring decisions. His coaching resume doesn’t scream Man U to me and I think these sorts of results shouldn’t be much of a surprise.

Who’re the hot new managers that are in demand? Ten Hag?

Judging by the Newcastle rumors Lampard is still in demand. And Rooney wants the job. Its going to be almost impossible to find a good hire midseason.

CR7 doing his thing…

Agreed. The GOAT imo. Where would Man U be this season without him? I cant believe they substituted Rashford after 66 minutes. He was their most dangerous player.

Barça won, somehow. What a decline! And Bayern Munich? Unstoppable. Oh dear…

Both would be terrible choices. Lampard was promoted way beyond his capability to go from Derby to Chelsea because of his status as a player. And Rooney has only got the Derby job because of his status as a player.

Newcastle should get a proper manager.