Omnibus World Football Thread 2020/2021

If you keep posting Motörhead links, I’m sure you’ll soon be one of my most replied to posters, too. :metal:

It is not exactly football, but almost: they were the first concert I went to, in 1981 (I believe), in the Pabellón Deportivo del Real Madrid (were they used to play basketball and probably still do).

– And what did Real Madrid ever give me?
– Three days of tinnitus.

Yeah that does honestly suck about Aguero.
33, a couple more half decent seasons left in him (then a couple more, say, in MLS). I remember watching the 15 y.o. upstart with Independiente and wondering how much his career might end up paralleling Messi’s. (arguably the two greatest South American players of the last 20 years?)

There is nothing that makes steam come out of my ears more than laser-pointers.
I do back-flips.

Messi’s certainly #1 in the last 20, but I’m not sure Aguero makes my top 10.

Definitely ahead: Messi, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Kaka, Neymar, Cafu, Mascherano, Luis Suarez

In the same league: Roberto Carlos, Dani Alves, Angel di Maria, Thiago Silva, Diego Godin, Edinson Cavani, Arturo Vidal, Marcelo

Behind: Higuain, Carlos Tevez, Alexis Sanchez

And in the second group I think I’d have Carlos, Alves, and Silva ahead. Now Ronaldo and Cafu had a lot of careers more than 20 years ago so maybe they don’t count.

I watched the Man Utd vs Aston Villa FA Cup game earlier. Utd won 1-0 with an early goal but how Villa did not score is hard to believe. There was a 20 minute spell in the second half where all the play was in Utd’s half.

How did Aston Villa’s GK do?, He’s one of the pillars of our national team and we really need him to be at his top game this november.

Nothing he could really have done more for the goal. Every other time he was called into action he did it fine. There wasn’t actually much for him to do though because his team were the dominant team and created better chances. David De Gea had a great game in goal for Man Utd.

Forgot to mention the Man City FA Cup match against Swindon Town a week ago. Sure, it was a League Two opponent, but Cole Palmer’s play was amazing throughout the game, capping with a really pretty sharp-angle goal at the end.

Alphonso has “mild” myocarditis following his recent COVID infection. Hopefully he recovers quickly and fully. It probably will keep him out of the next set of WC qualifiers at least.

Yes, Davies officially out for the next 3 matches in qualifying.

Yeah, disconcerting. He was needed. He’s made the difference in several games. This will really show Canada’s grit and resolve if they can still prevail without him. Hopefully Jonathan David will really rise to the occasion here and show he’s equally as valuable to the team. Two of their next three games are against Honduras and Salvador, which helps, but then the US on the 30th.
They gotta do this for The Phonz. :sunglasses: