Omnibus World Football Thread 2020/2021

Yeah, stylistically I think he’s a better fit for Liverpool; more opportunity to really run. However, he’s more complete than some people give him credit for. He can work in tight spaces both with the ball at his feet and by making smart/timely runs. Gotten fairly good with his head too.

My thought about Messi going to PSG was “well… maybe.” I think Haaland will do very well at City. If he scores less than 30 goals a season in all competitions I’ll be surprised (I was going to say 40, but it looks like they’ve never had that, and their top scorer last season was Gungodan with 17).

Interesting that he negotiated for another small release clause.

Indeed. They’ve got a great chance to win the league without really having a striker in the lineup. Unless we count Gabby Jesus.

Good call, he would be really fun at Liverpool…he’s so terrifying on the run. I agree on the headers, I just think he still fumbles inside the box…but maybe it’s a few dreadful misses stuck in my head. I think of him in many ways as the anti-Lewandowski, many things different except the end result.

Also: can he play a complete season?

I already like Man City because of Guardiola, I’ll likely watch them more to see this.

ETA: seconds after I posted that, up popped an article from Alan Shearer in The Athletic (won’t post since it’s paywalled) saying Haaland will score 40 goals. Impressive if true.

I don’t think he’s elite in small spaces. Zlatan is the only big guy I’ve ever seen that I would still say was nimble, but I think he’s plenty good.

I guess a couple more questions I have about this: City is currently playing a false 9. They’ll either have to play two systems, sell Foden, or play Haaland a ton. Which is it? They will have 7 starting quality attackers on the roster if nobody leaves. I imagine at least 2 will. Who? For the two questions I’m going to predict: they play with two systems to mixed effect, and Jesus and Sterling.

They won’t sell Foden. He is their golden boy. And English football’s golden boy too. One of the key successes when Man Utd were dominant for so long was they had players like Beckham who were world class that were produced by the club’s own academy. Foden is the equivalent for City. All that money they spend to buy superstars but their best prospect is one of their own.

Jesus I expect will go because he will want to play regularly and they can get good money for him. Sterling potentially at this stage could go too but last summer Bernardo Silva wanted to leave and the club rejected offers. Maybe now they will be willing to let him move on if he wishes again.

I agree they’re unlikely to sell Foden. I’m not as high on him as others though and think it might be a good idea if the price is right.

The question remains though, how do they line up? Is Foden going to play on the wing? 4-4-2 as a support striker? Alternate Foden and Haaland?

Agreed about those likely to leave.


Walker — Dias — Laporte— Cancelo


Foden — Rodri — De Bruyne — Sterling


That’s my guess out of everyone who is currently at the club. I think City will buy a younger midfielder to take over from Fernandinho. The odd one out is Jack Grealish. £100M signing. Most expensive player in British history but I don’t think he starts if everyone is fit and available for selection.

Or maybe a 4-2-3-1 with rodri next to Fernandinho? I just think it’s a shame to have an excellent and not natural winger like Mahrez (or grealish I guess) and sit him.

Add in Bernardo and Gabby Jesus and that’s an unreal eight man rotation in attacking midfield.

Liverpool beat Chelsea in the FA Cup Final in a penalty shoot out after it finished 0-0 after 120 minutes of football. Just like in the League Cup Final in February.

There is something remarkable about the mentality of the Liverpool team. I don’t think they will win the Premier League but they’ll take it to the final day and they have the Champions League Final to play.

Jürgen Klopp had a kind of a bad curse in finals in his earlier career, but I think by now he has successfully beaten it.