Omnibus World Football Thread 2020/2021

La Liga has said Barca can’t register their new players if they don’t raise more money, but it sounds like they’ll be able to sell more broadcast rights.

I don’t really understand the financial mechanics, since they’re raising money by selling off future revenue streams that they presumably need, but at least they’ll be able to play everyone starting next week.

Also rumors about de Jong to Chelsea, which could help with their wages and RB situation.

But yeah, seeing away revenue for the next 25 years seems bad. I guess the logic is if they don’t sign these players they very well might be pretty poor and that’ll hurt their brand/ future revenue as bad as anything could.

This video talks about five rule changes at the WC.

5 New Rules Introduced To The 2022 World Cup That Will Turn The Tide - YouTube

  1. 5 subs. This reflects the move that’s happened in the major leagues like the Bundesliga and EPL, and I’d guess it’s permanent.
  2. Semi-automated VAR. Good description of the process in the video.
  3. Expanded roster (26 vs 23). This might be temporary.
  4. Adopting the PK rule of both feet on the line for the keeper. Hmm.
  5. Female refs. Is that a rule change? They list it as a change. Anyway, glad to see it, I think doing it in Qatar adds a little to the fun.

Well now, apparently Barcelona sent a letter to de Jong saying that his previous contract was criminally entered and then it’s possible someone could be in trouble with the law. So, let’s go to the previous contract where we didn’t owe you all these back wages!

lol chaos reigns

Apologies if you can’t read the article, I subscribe to The Athletic, and often they paywall their articles, but they don’t always.

Gross. Hardball to get him off the books.