Omnibus World Football Thread 2020/2021

One thing I’d like to criticize (quite minor thing, though) is Haaland’s maturity - he can get quite ridiculously histrionic when expressing disapproval with a teammate’s performance. (On one occasion - at Reus, of all players - Haaland repeatedly pointing both of his index fingers at his temples, and yelling - really crappy optics.)
And sometimes incredibly goofy goal dances (not a complaint :slightly_smiling_face:).
He’s still only 20, of course, so he should season a bit.

Oh yeah, he’s definitely pouty, sulky, whatever you want to call it. That usually gets excused (“what a desire to win!”) in great players…

And Haaland strikes again, as always! Already two goals against Club Bruges, and the match isn’t over yet.

This Canadian never has a chance to root for his compatriots considering how much of a black hole this country is on the world stage, so when a young phenomenon from Edmonton named Alphonso Davies comes along, this is an occasion for hyping almost as much as that other guy in this thread.
His first season with Bayern Munich went as follows:

  • won Champions league
  • won Bundesliga
  • won DFB-Pokal (apparently the equivalent to the Prem’s FA Cup)
  • won German Super Cup (yeah I get it - there can be a :smirk:‘cornucopia’ of cups, in most major countries)
  • Bundesliga Rookie of the Year
  • recorded to be the fastest player in the history of the Bundesliga (22.69 mph hit this Aug) (trying to remember who he was playing against earlier this season where he did the most astonishing run down three quarters of the left pitch and then assisted to Lewandowski)

He’s basically had the greatest year of any soccer player in the history of Canada (YAY!). He’s already shown he can play in multple positions, and damn - only 20. Shee-at.
Amazing. Awesome.

Well, the dreaming has already started:

Both Manchesters are very interested, too.

Yeah - gotta do some more Alphonso Davies hype…

Fifa just announced its 20/21 FifaPro Men’s World XI team, (basically the best in the world each year) and not only is he the first North American to ever make the team, and the third, ever, outside of Europe and S. America to qualify, but also the third-youngest ever.
Almost giddy.

The whole Bayern team made a big sweep at today’s FIFA honors, three players in the top 11, Manuel Neuer world goalie and most of all, Robert Lewandowski world player 2020, and all well deserved. The only slight surprise is that Hansi Flick only made second as a coach, but I can live with Jürgen Klopp, he also achieved a lot last season.

Yes, it was nice to see it. They’ve had a bit of a rough run with Thiago leaving and then Kimmich getting hurt (they’ve gone behind in six league games in a row!), so not only is the recognition good, but this might help lift them up somewhat.

Well, that and Kimmich possibly coming back on Saturday for the big match against Leverkusen.

This just in: first Bundesliga goal for Youssoufa Moukoko for Dortmund, at age 16 and 28 days! Now he’s not only the youngest player ever in the Bundesliga, but also the youngest to have scored.

Yeah that was nice to see, especially considering some of the painful sitters he’d missed in previous games.

Sure, speculation, but eventually, who knows. I’d rather see LM still in Europe after Barca, and maybe wait until he’s, oh, 58 :grin: before he considers crossing the Atlantic.

Holy gods, Haaland is back. Just look at this 1:4 break he starts.

Haaland now has scored 25 goals in his first 25 Bundesliga matches. That’s a new record.

Absolutely nuts.

Meanwhile in Barcelona (If I may be indulged, being probably the dope’s only Barca fan) - they’re gradually clawing their way back to the top of the table after having one of their worst-ever opening season halves.
Messi is simply carrying the team too much - their next-highest scorer is the youngster Ansu Fahti (who, btw, holds so much gigantic promise for Barca) and he’s been out for the past two months. At least Lionel’s game has picked up, which had been lacking, but if the team’s performance evidently rests on is - not good, sure doesn’t bode well. (heh - he soon might end up in City, or :smirk:Miami, or something, next year, anyway)
Finally Griezmann has registered a goal or two, having gone scoreless for freaking ever. A striking (ha!) example of: just because it’s an elite player on an elite team, does not always guarantee sterling results, and in AG’s case, almost an out-and-out dud.
Looking forward to 18 y.o. Pedri’s development - Messi seems to take a liking to him, which is important, considering Dembele and Griezmann haven’t been made to feel as welcome for a lot of their time there. Pedri has done incredible stuff already - very creative.
The lack of goal-scorers and young, mistake-prone defense are the immendiate concerns they need to address. At least they’re only four or five points behind table-leaders Atleti now, so hopefully they can stay the course and eventually overtake them and Real Madrid.
My jury’s still out on Koeman, especially how he’s dealing with Puig right now, telling him to go look for a club to get loaned to. I think he should be given more of chance, and I hope Trincao is another youth who’ll stick around.

In an hour Marine take on Tottenham in the FA Cup. Marine play in the Northern Premier League Division One North West which is nine levels below Totty. This is the biggest difference in levels in the history of the FA Cup. The match will be played at Marine where unfortunately fans wont be allowed to attend. Marine however has sold 18K virtual tix at 10 pounds apiece. Nearby club Liverpool allowed Marine to use their video analysis center and training facilities. What a story it will be if they can pull off a victory.

It will be on ESPN+ for North Americans.

Saw the game, which understandably wasn’t too close, but enjoyed looking at the backdrop - for 90 minutes I was looking at five or six houses with paintjobs where one half was different than the other. Nice change from the Camp Nou.

Chorley will win the FA Cup.

Loved that game. Anything was possible for the first 30 minutes. Loved the neighbors sitting around the neighborhood watching the match and drinking wine.

If Chorley win the FA Cup I will eat my own duty…and it would be worth it.

Holstein Kiel, a team in the second Bundesliga, defeated a tired-looking Bayern today in the Bundesliga tournament (“Pokal”). This on the heels of Bayern going ahead two to 0 last weekend in their Bundesliga match but then losing 3 to 2.

Hard to know what’s going on, but they are definitely dragging, and Süle has been caught out twice in two matches…part of the risk of keeping a high line.

Keeps things interesting!

Yeah I’ll just plop this little Haaland quote right here, on his social lfe:
“I have five hat-trick balls in my bed and I sleep well with them. They are my girlfriends.”