Omnibus World Football Thread 2020/2021

The Barca financial meltdown and its subsequent impact on the La Liga competitive picture is maybe the most interesting story in world football right now. I don’t understand how they’ve reached the point they have without falling afoul of FFP rules and would like to know more about it. Apparently, there is a limit to which the super clubs can’t go beyond in an effort to collar the best talent in the world.

I know, right - how could there possibly be any corruption or shady goings on at the top level of world football? It’s independently regulated, right? :slight_smile:

To be clear - snark aimed at FIFA/UEFA et al, not you.

FIFA is indeed a terrible mess and I get grief about my chosen sport’s ruling body from non-footy-loving buddies all the time. Maybe a part of the equation is that teams like Barca are sometimes conduits for public relations boosts from their so-called “sponsors.” Until recently, Qatar Airlines sponsored Barca (now currently sponsoring PSG, I believe) and poured millions – probably in excess of market value – into club coffers, an almost impossible situation for FIFA accountants to evaluate.

I have ideas about solutions but I honestly don’t think that anything will really work to get the result I want out of soccer organization.

Can we rule out fixing with Barca? Or is that still in play?

(Always a little paranoid about the Dan Tan tentacles thing, myself.) (who, IIRC, was released from prison a couple years ago)
(He usually targets lower-level leagues, but still - it’d be nice to totally rule him out.)

Bayern didn’t have much trouble with Lazio today, nice to finally have them see a straightforward match. Jamal Musiala had a goal and was fun to watch, though I haven’t seen enough minutes from him to judge whether he’s a fantastic player, or a fantastic player for someone who’s 17.