Omnibus World Football Thread 2020/2021

Good - by latest count - Barca, Chelsea, Atletico Madrid, and Man City have also pulled out, and Man U is currently on the fence.

Congrats to Inter for breaking Juventus’s stranglehold on the Serie A title.

The high point of the year for my club was firing Jose Mourinho. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Bale’s loan ends this season. Apparently a decision won’t happen until summer about where he’ll actually end up. Big hat-trick against Sheffield United! Huh - thought he was 29 (31).

Manchester City vs Chelsea Champions League Final it is.

Chelsea under Tuchel are a different animal defensively compared to the porousness under Lampard. The way Chelsea played in the FA Cup semi final vs City will give them great confidence as they won 1-0 with a defensive masterclass soaking up pressure but on the counter-attack created the better chances too.

I rooted for Chelsea for the first time ever - as a longtime Bayern fan I can’t say I’ll ever love them, but with Tuchel, Ruediger, Werner, Havertz, and Pulisic in the mix, there’s a lot I’m familiar with & like. And it was a fun match to watch…I don’t see much PL, so Kante was a revelation (is he always that…omnipresent?).

When Leicester performed its miracle a few years back, Jamie Vardy and Riyad Mahrez got the attention (and they were indeed great) but the guy who was all over the field busting up plays was this Kante kid. I didn’t know much about futbol but even I could see what a linchpin he was to the Foxes’ defense. Great hustle, better anticipation.

As mentioned Kante was outstanding in the Leicester miracle. He then followed it up by winning the PL again the next season with Chelsea and the World Cup with France in 2018. I think last season was the first of his in English football where he didn’t win a trophy.

He’s an amazing terrier of a player. Someone so small in size but so good at reading the play and stopping the opposition but also a pretty good forward passer and dribbler.

congrats to Dortmund for overcoming a horrible start and now have claimed a ECL spot with just 2 matches to go.

Indeed, I was getting impatient for Dortmund to start turning it around.
With two games left I’ll morbidly laugh if Lewandowski doesn’t get at least two goals to beat Gerd Meuller’s 50 year-old scoring record of 40 goals.

Great Chelsea comeback against Man City today. Aguero’s penalty attempt seemed to help the cause, which he later apologised to City fans for.

Still pissed at Barca for that lousy second half against Granada two weeks ago which AFAIC singlehandedly blew their title chances.

You know, I was born in 1968 and at the time I became interested in football as a kid, this record already was legendary (just like the Bomber, Gerd Müller himself, was a legend), and nobody thought it would ever be beaten. Nobody even came close in the last 50 years, but Lewandowski is a phenomenon of his own, and I wish he’ll beat the record (and I’m sure he will).

And the weekend ends in a completely crazy fashion, nothing has changed only there is a matchday less left. Advantage Atlético, I would say, Sevilla should be out, but Madrid and even Barça could still make it…
Madrid - Sevilla: The minute there was a difficult to spot handball penalty in the Madrid area, which the referee did not give straight away, giving way to an absurd counter attack by Madrid (why was there nobody covering any part of Sevilla’s last 2/3rds at all!!! Two Madrid players had 10 m advantage 10 m before they even left their own half! Inconcievable!) that ends in a clear penalty for Madrid, only for the referee to award the first penalty to Sevilla on VAR! Has this ever happened before? Rakitic scores 1:2, and in the end it is 2:2 (also a fluke, as were the other… aw, never mind!). My mind spins.

Did you know that the bomber was called Torpedo-Müller in Italy and in Spain?

No, I never knew that, but it’s just as a fitting as a name as the Bomber. For me, one of the greatest players of all time, scoring endlessly despite all of his technical and physical deficiencies. He was a goal machine and one of a kind.

He was. I was born 4 years before you and I rooted for Holland in the Munich Final, go figure (I am a Barça fan, Cruyff had just played a wonderful season for us and… never mind, that is another story). Even if you don’t read Spanish (I don’t know, no offence meant if you do) the first line in the second paragraph of this wikiarticle will show you. I think it is funny that no German seems to know this. I have been asking for years, try too if you fancy. It is a fitting name.

I’ve never learned Spanish, but through cultural osmosis and knowing English, French and a bit of Latin, I can quite follow the article. You know, I’m quite anti-militaristic, and sometimes cringe at war related imagery concerning football (I’m looking at you, English press), but Gerd Müller earned his nick names.