One 10 foot high marijuana plant in the field is worth $ 4,000?

Why do you think law enforcement people they are “pigs”? As in any job there are a few jerks but they’re mostly dedicated, hard wording people doing a critical and often dangerous job that few others would attempt regardless of the pay.

An unfortunate term that, “pigs”, I think it’s more “political” than “personal”.

But, to give you an understanding why it might be received by some “politically” – take the flagrant demonising of drug use, and the hyperbolic (and politicised) propaganda that is evident when police spokespersons (ugh! how pc of me) talk of marajuana plants “worth” $4000.

I’d say more, but that would properly be another debate.

So. Bad grammar and punctuation, calling the police “pigs…” oh, yeah, you’re a right force against ignorance, aren’t you?

Straighten up and fly right or find a simpler message board. We’ve got standards here, chief.

So I had a buddy that was a memeber of a rural Police force. he comes back to the big city to visit (this is about 20 years ago) and tells us he was involved in a $500,000 pot bust.
I then asked the question that is being debated here
“How do you know the pot was worth a half a million dollars?”
another buddy without even taking a breath replies
“Simple, they sell half and multiply by 2”


Far worse than the poor grammar, puncuation, and polity that Mr_Friendly has displayed is the propagation of a naive expectation of the quantity of cured marijuana that might reasonably come from a single plant.

The most astonishing yield I have ever seen came from a basement crop where the grower was going for yield rather than numbers. He had a hydro set up with a light-to-plant ratio of slightly less than 1:1. (It’s usually closer to 1:10) These were the biggest plants I’ve ever seen topped at about 5’, but bushier than christmas trees. The primary lateral shoots had king colas on them that were up to ten inches long – much bigger than even the top buds from a run-of-the-mill grow. Because the buds were so fat, it was necessary to support them with kite twine which depended from a wire lattice near the ceiling. Almost every branch. If the strings were cut, the branches would simply have bent under the weight of the flowers and died off.

Still, as impressive as they were, nobody seriously expected them to produce a pound of cured bud each. That would be silly. They produced substantially more than half a pound each, though, which is nothing to sneeze at. This, under ideal conditions-- amazing humidity control, a C02 generator that could easily be mistaken for a furnace, a ridiculously generous amount of full-spectrum light (Ten freaking kilowatts for twelve plants,) an elaborate hydroponic setup with ideal nutrients for each stage of growth, and trained monkeys (eek eek) to labour every day to keep insects and fungus at bay, as well as frequent pruning to make sure that the less-efficient monster fan leaves aren’t providing more shade than they’re worth-- and finally an elaborate rigging to ensure that the poor plant doesn’t collapse under the weight of its blossoms.

Even if you could stack two of these monsters on top of each other to represent the 10-footer mentioned in the OP, you’re still not quite pushing it far enough to evaluate it as a $4,000 bit of greenery.

Typically, outdoor crops have much smaller yields than hydroponic farms-- the plants tend to be leaner and taller, although many argue that they are tastier. Exaggerated vertical growth is a plants way of saying “I want more light!” (I should say that my knowledge and experience of cannabis growth in the great outdoors is limited the Gulf islands and Osoyoos, so there are climatic considerations, there.)

Here are some somewhat current price estimates from the Northwest, with handy derivatives for you economists:

dub     $20   1.6g  $12.50/g  9.3% markup (over next qty)
eighth  $40   3.5g  $11.43/g  14.3% markup
quarter $70   7g    $10.00/g  16.6% markup
half    $120  14g   $8.57/g   20% markup
ounce   $200  28g   $7.14/g

If The Great Unwashed is correct that the plant could yield 20 oz, and the plant’s owner sells his crop by the ounce, then he could take in $4000. However, I’m not sure I believe that an outdoor plant could yield anywhere near that much.

OTOH, if the plant only yields 12 oz, he could still take in around $4000 by selling his crop by the eighth or dub, although it’s unlikely that he would want to move it that slowly.

One big problem with police value assessment is that, AFAIK, they don’t take quality into consideration. Pot can range from 3% THC to 27%. That’s a pretty damn big range, and the real-world pricing structure reflects it.

High quality pot is less common in the South than it is up North, since we’re so close to Mexico. 1/4oz goes for $20-25 in Louisiana. If you know the right people in Texas, it’s possible to get a pound for $200-300. That’s crap weed.

There’s also what some people call “the mids,” or pot of mid-range quality. Prices of this can fall anywhere in between the prices of the crappy Mexican weed and kind bud.

Since the law makes no distinction, this encourages dealers to sell high quality pot. It also encourages users to buy it, since, in most states, you’re considered a dealer if you have over 30 grams of pot in your possession. 30 grams of kind bud will last even the biggest pothead a week or so. 30 grams of shwag can last as little as two or three days.

It’s kind of like calling a guy with two cases of beer in his fridge a liquor distributor, but that’s the law.

Amusing quote from the article:


I’ve read of amateur growers getting 16Oz+ in outdoor conditions even here in the none too sunny climate of the UK but I suppose it does depend on a lot.

I would still say it is possible that a single plant could yield enough to make $4000 but true, it does seem likely to be somewhat of an exaggeration.

Sorry for the “pigs” slip, I’m usually more careful but I’d been posting on another less sensitive messageboard where such expressions are used. I dont really mean it as offensive anyway, it’s the way we refer to policeman amongst my social groups and I say it to the face of a guy who is a police man anyway.
The spelling and grammar there is no excuse for, I’m just lazy and that’s all there is to it.

I am a medical marijuana patient here in Oregon. How much bud you yield off f one plant will very greatly based on many many factors. however, given all the proper stuff at the proper times some strains can grow to over 20 ft. high and yield 10 pounds or more. the total cost of the bud also depends on where in america you live. for example here in oregon you will pay slightly less than 4,000 a pound for super dank shit. however in montana you can expect to pay closer to 5,000 for the very same product. so in essence if I were to grow a 10 pound plant and sell that product in montana i could yeild almost $50,000 us dollars off one plant. yes that is correct. here is a link to a you tube video actually showing 10 pound plants. Jorge Cervantes: Medical Marijuana Outdoor Gardens Tour - YouTube … food for thought man.:smiley:

The estimate is 10 years old, man.

I’m assuming “super dank shit” is good? I’m not up on street terminology, but in my day “super” meant good, “dank” wasn’t part of the vernacular, and “shit” meant bad.

I suggest that people take a look at the daily local and international updates, and cost multipliers.

A few months ago I paid $500 for 1 oz of super dank shit (:slight_smile: to Wombat). That’s the rate, more or less, now, for the some of best here in NYC for that amount of weight. I am no longer a comparison shopper, however, but for numerous reasons I trust my supplier.

Many years ago I grew pot for personal use. I didn’t like to overly potent stuff on the market. I would strip the plants weekly of all the leaves and about the 4 th generation of leaves the thc would start coming up to decent levels. By the 10th generation of leaves it was very decent pot. Still not as strong as good bud but very much to my own personal liking.