One-word tags to describe your industry: official and unofficial

Works like this. How would you describe yuor industry or field in one word in an official situation? And how would you describe it in the veritas that vino brings?

Public Relations

Official: communication
Unofficial: control

OK, I’ll play. But then you have to play my game in a thread which I’ll be starting soon.

**Corporate Finance[b/]

official: Planning
unofficial: Wishing


Official: Control
Unofficial: Containment


Official: Analysis
Unofficial: Guessing

Information Security

Official: Prevention
Real: Reaction

Enjoying this elite gathering so much I’m going to revisit old haunts:


Official: Service
Unofficial: Tenure


Official: Advertising
Unofficial: Bullshitting

This has the makings of a thread that’ll run and run - like Cookie’s toilet thread. Whatever, I’m in the zone now:

Aircraft Cleaning (Gatwick 1981)

Official: Rubbing
Unofficial: Spraying

AndyPolley, you comin’ in to tell us 'bout the record-shop industry, man?

ISO 9001 Auditor:

Official: Assessing
Unofficial: Profiteering

You done it in China yet?

College student:

Official: studying
Unofficial: sleeping

“Applying professional judgement” please! :slight_smile:

ha ha!! I could only use one word. :wink:


Official: Artist
Unofficial: Waiter

Official: Housewife
Unoffical: Houseleech, mom and wife

Radiological Controls

Official: Safety
Unofficial: Radsponge

Alternatives include: Drinking, gaming

Private Guard

Official: security
Unofficial: figurehead

Medical School

Official: Education

Unofficial: Research

students act like this place is for them, but at 8% of the budget vs. research grants, they are peripheral

Musical Performance and Education

Official: Education
Unofficial: Escapism

Project Management

Official: Leadership
Unofficial: Coercion