“Only So Much Moxie” / Automating Decisions

That could also be the reason no one drinks it. What does this say about affectionados?

I like “hot sauce” and usually have bottles of 6-10 in the house. Sometimes the biggest decision during a meal is which to use. My current top three are Valentina, Sriracha, and Melinda’s Habanero Mango.

This morning I made my breakfast burrito as usual, but struggled over saucing. Valentina won, but barely, and I had second thoughts after applying it.

I will acknowledge that some people seem to find making a decision over some trivial issue to be more difficult than deciding on something important. I’ve seen people get analysis paralysis over which move to make in a board game.

Trivial?! :man_cook:

From a neurological standpoint, doing the same thing over and over is less taxing on the brain. It’s the difference between traveling well-worn automatic pathways and having to form new ones.