Opera vs. Firebird

There is an extension called Session Saver which does this. Does Opera have mouse gestures?

I know you don’t like extensions but check out Session Saver - it does pretty much what you describe. Doesn’t allow you to name the session or do crash protection AFAIK - I say ‘AFAIK’ because I can’t remember the last time Firebird crashed on me. Kinda worries me the way Opera fans always mention this feature, as if it’s a necessity…

You’re kidding, right? Opera INVENTED mouse gestures.
Don’t expect a cite, but I know they had them LOOOONG before firebird/mozilla did.

Okay, if I ever get back into Firebird I’ll check Session Saver out, though I won’t hold my breath. I VERY much use the sessions to their full capacity. I still occasionally use sessions I created years ago.

The crash protection really isn’t about Opera crashing. Opera has been mostly stable, though it has happened in the past. But not any moreso than most windows programs. Really it’s great protection when your COMPUTER crashes, which happens to me fairly frequently, once a week maybe?

Oh, one more thing that makes me shake my head at Firebird is that when you open a URLthat fails to load (like, say a thread on the Straight Dope when the hampsters are acting more like lemmings), the address bar becomes: “about: blank”. Opera leaves the URL you attempted in the address bar, so you can attempt it later. That feature alone means it’s the only brower I use for the SDMB.

I must admit that Opera’s session saver and mouse gestures are both better than the extensions in Firebird.

With Session Saver installed on Firebird, I can’t find a way to really close all the pages for good, and not have them come back next time. When I close the last tab, it gets saved. In Opera, I close all the tabs, then close the main window, and Opera remembers that the session was empty.

And I don’t see a way to make Firebird open a page in a new tab with a gesture. In Opera I can right-drag down on a link to open it in a new tab, but in Firebird I have to ctrl-click the link.

Looks like middle-clicking opens a link in a new tab… I guess I don’t need a gesture for that.

Huh? Which version are you using? This has never happened to me.

I think emarkp means when you open a page in a background tab. And I agree that it is really annoying. You have to keep the index page open and remember which threads you middle-clicked on, just in case they fail to open.

I’ve noticed the same thing. With Opera, if a page doesn’t load the first time, you can highlight it with the mouse and hit enter, to try to load it. With Firebird, you have to keep the index page.

I don’t think that Opera has an AdBlock feature. That really has grown on me. When I check hotmail now, there aren’t all of the ads crowding the sign in page.

Firebird is only on 0.7 now, I wonder what features they will have by 1.0?

The Firebird problem is mentioned in Bugzilla (see also bug 103720). Strangely, it says “Resolved/Fixed”, but obviously it isn’t and recent comments in the thread suggest that it’s still an issue. Pretty confusing, Bugzilla. I hope somebody’s working on it.

I think it’s fixed in Mozilla 1.5

You got it in one. My typical reading pattern is to hit a few of the boards, and then open a bunch of threads in the background. I then read them as I can. On every new release of Firebird I try using it for a while, and it drives me nuts every time the big list of “about: blank” pages shows up.

I’m trying Firebird myself right now and I don’t think I have the problem. I just went to my webpage, which I know has a link that doesn’t work anymore and tried opening it in a tab. It gave a 404 message and the URL was still there, no about : blank message. On the other hand, I do remember something like tihs happening a couple days ago when I first was using the browser, I’m not sure what that’s about.

I think it’s a pretty good browser, especially considering it’s free. I prefer it to Internet Explorer that’s for sure. I really haven’t used the other browsers very much so I don’t know about them.

I’ve managed to get firebird to do the about : blank thing, so it seems that it does happen for me just not all the time.

That’s precisely why I’m a Firebird user and not an Opera user.

You know you barely notice the ad banner. But I definately notice the “beta-ness” of Firebird.

I tried Firebird about a month ago and really liked it. In fact, I went about two weeks without using Opera at all, but then, I started noticing all the little annoying bugs like the “about: blank” one, and it also seems to freeze up every once in awile. plus, there’s a few trivial features that Opera has that gives it the edge, IMHO anyway. As for the ad, I never even notice it.


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