Opinions needed about my neighbours outdoor cat

Tonight he knows that yesterday he got let back out again. Last night he might have been worried that the bathroom was his new permanent quarters.

That does sound like there’s hope that it may eventually be safe to leave them unsupervised together in the house; at which point, yay! he can be a Cat of Your House!

Four sharing/fighting around our two feeders in North Vancouver! FG, do you leave a light on for them at night for warmth? I know they go into torpor (heck, so do I) but would they like a little heat after dark?

I do leave it on all night and, last year, one slept a few nights at the feeder during a cold snap.

My dog lives outside year round. Our winter temps do get below zero and sometimes stay below freezing for a few days. I line his doghouse in the winter with survival blankets (aka space blankets) – thin silver foil-like sheets that reflect body heat. Originally, I just stapled the sheets all over the walls/ceiling, but they shredded quickly. Then I cut up some old sheets, and made several mats with a space blanket wrapped in a piece of sheet. These hold up much better. I haven’t personally tested them, but the dog seems comfortable so I think they work through fabric. You can buy the same thing – advertised as a non-electric warmer for pets, which is where I got the idea.

Whether this is OK depends a great deal on the breed of dog. I’m presuming yours is one of the breeds that are suited for what you’re describing.

– as long as the thread’s bumped: @FloatyGimpy, how’s the cat doing?

Very well :grin:


It’s warmed up after the cold snap but he still likes coming inside at night. He has a big play time, then food and snuggles and then goes to sleep. He’s very pleased with the arrangement and I’d love for him to be indoors all the time if I can get my dog used to him. I’m working on it!

Judging by that picture I would say so indeed!

– he may actually prefer being able to come in at night and go outside during the day to being inside all the time. Whether you’re in a location in which that’s an ideal arrangement for other reasons is of course another question.

Thanks for the update!

Ohmygoodness that belly fluff!

Good job, Raymond!


You too, FloatyGimpy!