Opinions wanted on Sony digital cameras

The “camera from camera company” rule refers more than anything to the optics, as opposed to the electronics. (Thus mating Canon [photography company] optics to Sony [maker of TV gear] CCDs is a sound combination). Now that Sony are the inheritors of Konica-Minolta’s camera technology, this should improve their rep on that side of the discussion. Other than the issues w. the Memory Stick, Sonys have been decent cameras, just not my faves.

Also the Sonys I have been referring to have lenses made by Zeiss.

I’m on my second Sony digital camera (first one gave great service for 5 years, until I dropped & broke it).

The proprietary memory issue seems to come up often. If you had to buy a memory stick once a month it might be important. As others have noted, since you’ll actually buy just one for the entire life of the camera, it’s close to irrelevant.

One good tip is to buy a camera small enough that you’ll actually carry it with you. A belt-mounted case is a great help - keeps the camera handy at all times.