Ordering food - oddest place?

A majority of milk delivery workers are still men. But Mr. Panneton’s wife, Robin, also makes deliveries along with himself and three staff members. So “milk person” may be a more appropriate name today, he said.

My mom often ordered her groceries on the phone and just said “Charge it”, paid the end of the month. Joe Wrzyczinski, with his Blue Streak Delivery motorcycle with a sidecar, brought them to the house, set them on the kitchen table, or in the ice box if necessary. Nobody locked doors.

grandma had the jewel-t man and hed bring all sorts of stuff for you to buy …and if you use postmates you can get cold medicine delivered from rite aid Walgreens etc …

hell one of the convenience/liquor stores here in Lancaster opened a high-end ice cream store that delivers ben and Jerrys … magnum and Godiva ice cream occasionally … and yes even 7-11 will deliver beer/malt beverages and wine in fact 7-11 has its own brand of two buck chuck stuff …

It’s take-away rather than delivery, but here’s a story of COVID times for you. At the end of our road there is a park, and last year the town council allowed a franchise for a coffee selling horsebox in the car park. (Time was a horsebox was for horses, but these days they sell coffee and cakes.)

It was supposed to be set up for summer, but there were delays; and then it was supposed to start in August, but there were problems with electricity supply; and eventually it got going late in September. I remember thinking to myself what a cock-up it had been - missing the season completely, a business dead in the water before it could even get started.

Two factors I had failed to consider

  1. Tell people they have to stay at home apart from limited exercise, and they’ll spend all their time exercising
  2. If people can’t spend their money in pub or a bar or a cafe, then hell, a horsebox it is.

Through the foulest of the winter weather, there was not a time we passed that there wasn’t a queue for coffee. What looked like a doomed venture has been a huge success. The owners have had a great pandemic.

Sometimes things turn out in an unexpected way - and that can be a good thing.


@Skywatcher wow, even malchiks and droogies are milkpeople!

I’ve had co-workers raving about this business that delivers fresh baked cookies to your house. I haven’t tried them yet, but I am intrigued.

During first lockdown months in Italy, many bar started to deliver Aperitivo. They handled you a plastic glass containing already mixed Campari and Prosecco. A glass with ice, two or three plastic boxes containing chips, small tarallucci and even pieces of Parmigiano cheese. Why is it odd to me? First because of the crazy price they charged, then because if not chilling outside the bar and laughing and talking with friends an aperitivo cannot exist. I always have one of two bottles at home. If I want to drink at around 6.30 PM I don’t need to call the bar to get it :roll_eyes::thinking:

20ish years ago, there was a lovely delivery service called Kozmo.com. They’d bring you anything*. And there was no delivery charge.
On the one hand, it was a horrible business model and they were destined to go bankrupt. On the other, I could order a pint of Ben & Jerry’s, a bottle of wine, some snacks, a book, and a Sopranos VHS tape (that I’d have to return later) and have them show up at my door in under an hour.

*for various definitions of “anything.”