OSHA would have a field day...

I remember a Trek episode, The Empath that featured a research station with a spiral staircase that had very tiny steps and no handrail.

Yes, I found a picture, a lawsuit waiting to happen.

Oh come on, with inflation that’s nothing. And the Federation inspectors only take credits and/or quatloos. :smiley:

Mr. Vader,

Upon initial inspection of your Death Star Facility I have noted several safety code violations.

  1. Lack of handrails on stairs, bridges and around potentially dangerous large gaping spaces of emptiness.

  2. Twirly door things do not have sensors to detect when someone is going through.

  3. Garbage disposal rooom does not have emergency cut off switch in the room. Door is improperly sealed from the inside.

  4. Small robots are allowed to travel freely about the floor creating a considerable tripping and injury hazard.

  5. Stormtrooper armor is not of sufficeint grade to stop standard laser strikes and seem to be nothing more than glorified football padding. Please note that you have already been cited for the number of worker deaths.

  6. Open duct presents considerable risk to bombing from Rebel or terroristic forces that could result in a catastrophic event.

  7. Computer systems lack sufficient security from hacking.

You have until April 30 to remedy these problems or you will be fined 1,000,0000 credits every day you are out of compliance.

Any formal protest must be filed with the district office on Alderaan. The filing of a protest does not change the date unless you are notified in writing.

Thank You.

fanwank That is the only red matter in existence. The cylinder that contains and protects it is unique. Since the destruction of Romulus was an imminent emergency they didn’t have time to construct a second container, a complicated endeavor that couldn’t be done by a replicator. So they mounted the red matter container in Spock’s vessel, with all the extra red matter included. That’s one reason why Nero didn’t destroy Spock’s vessel, he needed it as a red matter container. fanwank

Sadly, I can’t find a video or proper quote, but I love the bit on MST3K when one of the bots builds a complex array of railings on the SOL, including, IIRC, an ankle-high railing around a giant pit.

Also: Railing Deaths

Also, Nero’s vessel is a mining ship, and a freaking huge one at that. The scenes with the unrailed precipices may take place in any number of areas that people aren’t menat to be without extra safety equipment. It was an infiltration after all. And it is logical that Nero would choose an extra scary area in which to imprision and torture Captain Pike, rather than say the cafeteria.

Gwen DeMarco: “What is this thing? I mean, it serves no useful purpose for there to be a bunch of chompy, crushy things in the middle of a hallway. No, I mean we shouldn’t have to do this, it makes no logical sense, why is it here?”
Jason Nesmith: “'Cause it’s on the television show.”
Gwen DeMarco: “Well forget it! I’m not doing it! This episode was badly written!”

I think you guys might have hit on my husband’s new career - he’s a safety officer and former sports writer who loves science fiction. He could start writing safety procedures for science fiction shows. :smiley:

It’s not a bug, it’s a feature. When you’re running an evil empire, your time is at a premium. You just don’t have the time to take all the undesirables to the Death Chamber. It’s more efficient to have a political enemy (or building inspector) suffer an “unfortunate accident” in a section supposedly “under construction.” Also the political situation is a little easier to smooth over if the dead guy was just “clumsy” instead of officially executed. And if people want to investigate too closely, there’s always more room in the bottomless pit.

fanwank Not buying it. They use a huge horse syringe to remove the red matter to inject it into the mining stream. When the scientists were making the first container they could have had the ‘B’ team build a second one at the same time. Or, just load up a couple of horse syringes and put that on the ship instead…Unless it would have taken the entire red matter container to prevent the star going nova, of course.

Easy: The use of red matter for this had never been done before and the simulations gave a 95% chance that a small glob would be more than enough. But on the off chance that it would not the larger amount was supplied.

And they put it on a little tiny ship that effectively had no weapons instead of something like the Enterprise to protect it from random villains like Nero who manages to capture it with a bog ass standard mining ship. This isn’t an OSHA issue anymore, it has escalated to a Federation security incident at this point.
And a big wtf regarding the destruction of Vulcan (or Romulus). Time travel was the basis of the movie (god, I hate time travel shows, movies:rolleyes:). Hello?! Just time travel back to before any of the incidents and fix them, duh!

There was another episode where the Enterprise was trying to evacuate a long lost human colony from a planet that was ceded to an alien race that was extremely fond of legalese and Picard mentioned that it took “hundreds of Federation legal experts” to negotiate the treaty. There was also an episode of Voyager where the Doctor sued a publishing company for copywright infringment (the hearing revolved whether or not the Doctor was a person and thus had standing to sue); I think they even referenced Data and his trial.

The time travel wasn’t intentional. Can’t go back. And it’s quite possible that that WAS the cafeteria.

My big question: why send Spock? SPOCK, of all people? Not a guy who’s maybe studied the damn redmatter?

There was an episode of Enterprise where a pregnant Trip? was running around the ship noting how dangerous everything was…

You have watched Star Trek and seen how many times time travel was the basis of the show, correct?

Not in any system I designed. Then the cables would reach their end points, but in CONDUIT. And via routes I didn’t give two shits about, as that is an installer’s problem. :smiley:

Star Trek has always had problems with safety, with it’s exploding consoles, inertial dampeners that always go offline, lack of seatbelts (and even chairs for some postions). The movie just made it more drastic.

The official explanation by the writers of the movie is that they can’t go back. They didn’t just go back in time, they switched universes. And, in this universe, slingshotting around the sun at high warp doesn’t take you back in time.

No, really. (scroll down to “TIME TRAVEL/TIMELINES”)

That’s actually the most believable part of the whole thing.

There’s a solid basis in a very theoretical branch of science that says that IF time travel is possible, and you go back in time, you’re branching off.

You don’t ‘switch’ universes, you branch it off. That is to say, if you think back to your childhood, when you decided to turn left and get lost on your way home one day, and you did something amazing that changed your life, right now there is a you in another, parallel universe who never had that experience because he never made that choice, he turned right and went home instead.

That single difference in choice, what you did then, is enough to split the universe into two, separate, universes.
So, travelling back in time creating another universe? Sure, why the hell not.