Ouch! Damn you, kitty cat! ( pole )

Between the four I get got on a regular basis. It’s mostly by accident when one of them gets a little too excited playing. I have one though, she was a feral kitten who found her way in to my backyard one night. She couldn’t have been more than eight weeks old. My dog found her trapped in some vines and she didn’t realize he wasn’t the enemy. She thought I was the enemy too and she tore me up the whole time I was getting her loose. She was tiny but strong! Anyway five years later she sometimes has flashbacks I guess. She’s so skittish she won’t have anything to do with anyone but me, and thinks I’m her mama. Even with me she mostly keeps her distance but every once in a while she’ll creep in to my lap and let me nuzzle her. The problem with her comes when I forget and move too fast or sigh too deeply. She’s all claws and terror then. Not attacking, just thinking she needs to escape.

One time we thought we’d get her fixed and shots taken care of. I think that was the worst mistake I could have made, trying to get her in to that crate. I wish they’d have given me something to relax her the night before. I ended up with claw clear in to my bone. The feeling of her tugging and it not coming out… oh man. She’s still not fixed, nor does she have her shots. She never, ever leaves the upstairs two rooms of the house though. No interest at all in even looking out a window.

I’ve always been one to allow my cats to play a little rough with my hands. I get scratches of varying severity all the time. Not much on the bites that break the skin side, though.

The big ones are usually relaxing with a cat on my chest and something happens to cause them to launch, leaving big gashes in my chest. :eek:

Pointy on 5 ends for sure.