Our dog's kidneys are failing

I once met a woman who described her dog as a “Georgia Mountain Dog” because they found in in the mountains in Georgia. She said she’d get people saying, “Huh, I never heard of that breed.” The dog in question was large and Og only knows what he had in him, but he was really nice.

I wish I had advice or something to offer, but all I can offer is some virtual scritches. Good girl, Angel.

FourPaws, your household herd sounds lovely. I don’t think I could handle that many labs, but labs and goldens are my favorite dogs.

Pets. Who’d have them? :frowning:

But then there’s this too. Never underestimate the power of Kipling.

There are an unfortunately amazing number of this breed. I’m even famiiliarwith a more localized breeed known as the Jackson County Brown Dog. The Greater (HAH!) Metropolitan Atlanta Area (pretty much NE Georgia) is one of the most dog irresponsible areas ever. I read some figures which I will look for later that claim shelters put down more unwanted doggies here than the UK. Sadly, the dominant Athens dog that was once a Newfie mix has become a pit bull blend as dogfighting has moved into the area.

A bit of an update…

Angel’s appetite has picked back up, and she’s doing well. No more upset tummy, and she contentedly rests in the same room with us.

The vet is happy to hear she’s eating and, at her advanced age and disease, doesn’t want to mess with that by switching Angel to a prescription diet she may not like. I asked about putting weight on her, but the vet said that her kidneys are working against her in that regard. Just feed her as much as keeps her happy and eating, and give her Pepcid once a day to keep her tummy calm and perhaps prevent, or just limit, her next attack. We have all the medications on hand in for whenever that does happen, and the vet said if need be, we can call and she’ll have an appetite stimulant ready for us at the front counter.

She also recommended keeping Angel inside on trash day, and when the gardeners are here–basically, limit her stresses. Last week, Angel’s vomiting episode began on trash day. Even at her age, she still likes to bark, spin (slowly), and half trot, half hobble about when those big bad trucks come to town, and perhaps the excitement was too much for her aging body to handle last week.

The doc said to just watch, and Angel would let us know when it’s Time.