Our loved dog has gone missing. Has anyone used a GPS dog collar?

I use a device on my cat’s collar - it isn’t a GPS device, but rather a radio homing device. Works pretty well, though you have to replace the battery in the collar every month.

Dosen’t I think have the range for a dog, though. It’s pretty short range - only a couple of city blocks. Good for cats.

This morning I received an automated phone call from an outfit called FindToto, alerting me that a dog went missing from my neighborhood a week ago. It was quite a detailed message with description of the dog and the area where the dog was last spotted. (I have an unlisted home phone number.) It might be something look into for you to try to find your dog with.

Check CL and other online sites, and post your own LOST ads online.

I have managed to return several lost dogs. One I located the owners, but we reached mutual agreement that I should keep the dog, as they were not up to keeping her (she is a great dog, BTW)

The dogs I got back fastest and easiest were micro-chipped…well actually the fastest had a tag with the owners up-to-date phone numbers, but collars can be slipped, tags lost or illegible. In this case, a pair of dogs had escaped and only one still had the collar, fortunately I was able to lure them in. The collar is a good, cheap first line of defense, but the chip is a great backup. The downside of the chip is that people have to think of having the dog scanned, and then schlep them to a place that is open and can scan them, so even with a sharp finder it can be the next day before they get you. Be sure to update your info for the chip if you move or change phone numbers.

For dogs with no collar or chip, I post Craig’s list ads, and also the local newspaper, which runs found-pet ads for free. No actual owner has ever contacted me through these, but I get many inquiries from desperate owners checking anything close. No, I wouldn’t mistake a Boston Terrier for a Yorkie, honest! There is also PetHarbor.com and the national lost pet registry online. Be sure to look for the “Pets found by individuals” link on the PetHarbor site. By default they only show you data from shelters and pounds.

Facebook? Not sure where I’d put a posting where anyone at all could find it, but may look into that next time I pick up a stray.

Putting up paper posters around where I found the dog has worked best. People want to physically look for the dog rather than use more efficient media. If someone wants to keep the dog, you are SOL anyway, so assume that whoever found the dog is now trying to find you. One I got back because I was putting up posters and saw a man who looked like he was looking for a lost dog. He had just walked past a poster without seeing it…so look for posters while looking for your dog!

So chip your dogs people, and train them to trust strangers. I am only able to rescue about 1/4 to 1/3 of the dogs I see loose, most of them are too skittish.

My dog has been missing for a week now. He is chipped. I hope you find yours. I haven’t eaten in 4 days. I’ve done everything I can think of. I am losing hope…

Daneister Vigilante;15807016]My dog has been missing for a week now. He is chipped. I hope you find yours. I haven’t eaten in 4 days. I’ve done everything I can think of. I am losing hope…

I’m so sorry to hear about your missing best friend. You’ll be in my prayers tonight, I will pray for a safe return. Sadly, Carson hadn’t returned nor been found by anyone. We are going on a month now since he got lost and I have to say, Christmas isn’t quite the same this year. My wife is taking it very hard, I see the hurt in her eyes every day and there isn’t anything I can do to help.

Gunner the Great Dane sadly went into a major depression. We couldn’t snap him out of it and the vet considered putting him on anti-depressants. My wife during a search of or local pound last week brought home a new friend for Gunner. We now have Alvin, the Bernese Mountain Dog as part of the family. Gunner has snapped out of his depression with Alvin’s arrival and is eating again and actually playing. Quite honestly, I don’t know if myself and my wife were ready for another dog as the hurt of Carson is so fresh, but we were so worried about Gunner. He wasn’t eating and losing a tremendous amount of weight, plus he was moping about and nothing we did could snap him out of it.

Alvin received his own TAGG GPS the day that he came home from the pound. We have been using the system since the date of this post and have been so impressed with it, we purchased a system for my sister in law and her husband for their dog. The ability to track the dogs on our smart phone via google maps is incredible, plus the text notifications really puts your mind at ease. I really would hate to see someone go through the heartache we have, so I highly recommended the TAGG system, hopefully we’ll never lose a pet again.

December 28, 2012 Great news everyone. CARSON IS HOME! Its just about a Christmas miricale. He has been gone for one month and thirteen days and here he is sitting on my lap. This morning at 6 am my wife woke me up and said “I think Carson is home”, she heard him barking at the front door. Somehow he found his way home. He’s skinny, smells like Hell, but otherwise he’s in great shape for being gone so long! He ate treats, but didn’t want any food. Thankfully the Trifexis (sp?) he was on has kept him tick and flea free. Gunner the Great Dane is escorted and confused, certainly recognizing Carson but wary since he’s been gone so long.

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone here who gave advice and sent positive encouragement. To those of you who have a missing dog, my heart goes out to you, but don’t give up hope. Almost a month and a half and just as all reasonable hope was fading, he found his way home.

My wife’s torment is finally over and she has her best friend back home. The season of miracles indeed!

Wow that’s amazing that nobody found him in that entire time, and that he came back on his own before succumbing to a predator or the elements. Congrats!

I remember when my cat went missing for several days I was an absolute wreck. I ended up getting her back but it was a fluke and if I hadn’t been in the right place at the right time she would have starved to death and died under the foundation of our apartment complex.

Great to see this, obbn!

I’ll suggest a “well dog” vet visit just to check Carson over.

I’ll also suggest that you let him ease back into the pack – consider keeping him in a separate room from the other dogs, when you’re not present, for a week or two until they re-establish their relationships. Carson might be anxious to defend food or toys as a result of his experiences alone, and if I understand correctly, he hasn’t met Alvin yet, and finding a new dog in “his” territory may require an adjustment period.

I can hardly imagine what it must be like to get your family member back after so long, after being all-but-certain he was gone. Congratulations!

yay :slight_smile:

Great news!

So glad for you and for Carson.

That’s great news obbn but you were driving me crazy with the lack of updates. I know that you had no news on Carson but you dropped out of the thread two days after you started it.

After checking in for a few weeks I gave up on ever finding out the fate of Carson or your family.

Scolding aside I’m glad you got a happy ending out of this.

Your wife’s joy brings tears to my eyes.

Very, very, VERY happy to get this update! Dogs is family, after all ! :slight_smile: Give Carson a hug for me.


Wow! That is so cool! That’s exactly what my sister’s dog did, was missing for about a month, then he just showed up barking at the front door! Is your wife gonna insist on ‘just a long lease’ now?! :slight_smile:

Took Carson to the vet today for a check up. He lost twenty pounds, but otherwise he’s in good condition! Gunner the Great Dane is happy and Alvin is cuddled up with Carson as I type this. Best holiday season for us that I can remember. Thankfully Mrs. OBBN is finally getting a good night’s sleep for a change. Once again, thanks to everyone for being so supportive, its amazing how the internet can be of so much help!