Paging Hal Briston...

It seems like those Crazy Coatians have your demographic covered. Link.

I’ve often thought this is what should happen to some of the other reality show contestants*…

  • I recall an old Judge Dredd comic where he shut down an illegal game show network with such hits as Dying for Dollars and You Bet Your Relative.

Shouldn’t that be ANIMAL rights groups?

Poor, poor Hal. He’ll never live this down …

… and it just keeps getting funnier. :slight_smile:

But come on–the winner gets poetry and the losers get eaten? I’m not entirely sure the poetry is an incentive.

What should the winner get? A date with Hal?

Especially if it’s Vogon poetry!

Wonder if Hal will try to get the show on DVD?

That Tihana looks like Hal’s type. Or am I reading him all wrong?

We ought to be able to keep this up for months…plenty of sheep links out there.

Lay off Hal, he already has a sheep he doesn’t need another. He is a one sheep kind of guy. Recent sighting of Hal and his sheep by those damn sheeparazzi. Can’t they just let them live there lives in peace.

Hal and GF headed home. Image.

Frozen-thawed ovaries transplanted in sheep

Israeli scientists have successfully retrieved eggs from ovaries that had been frozen, thawed and transplanted in sheep in a project that could provide new hope for infertile women.


The Israeli team, who reported their achievement in the journal Human Reproduction, tested the technique on sheep because their ovaries are similar to those in humans.

note: You do have to read the full article - as after reading the messages on this board, I immediately thought they were talking about transplanting human ovaries in sheep. LOL All I could initially think of was the human children being birthed by sheep… :eek:

No no, it’s quite all right. I’m just filing it all away under “affirmative defense”.

I don’t know you except for “your” sheep escapades, but you seem to be a pretty good guy! You are taking this all quite well.

You are the reason our kids are ugly, darling… Just kidding! You are the reason I am here on this board. :smiley:

You can find the Official Archive Of Worthwhile Hal Threads here. You might notice a distinct lack of beastiality (just one dead dog that no one, as far as I know, had sex with).

A former lack. Now you’re loud and proud, and we better get used to it.

Virgin wool my ass.

Awww. I admit, I’m starting to feel a bit sorry for Hal.

But, yeah, it’s still funny.