Palin confuses First Amendment protections

This is the woman who used the term “Lamestream Media” in claiming that Dick Cheney was too influenced by the media as an explanation of why he was criticising her.

Dick Cheney, too influenced by the media? Really? That’s why he thought your nomination was a mistake?

No, but their statements can be interpreted as being ignorant of what would or would not be Constitutional or appropriate. And I think if a politican stood up and said he intended to ban black business owners from operating within his city, someone should hit him over the head with the Constitution.

I’ll give you the crucified (I personally see it as being a drama queen and it is a dog-whistle type remark within the community that I’m familiar with)

But, take the “political actions” aspect out of the question about can a community reject a specific company. How do communities reject a new Walmart that can clearly comply with all zoning regulations? The rejection is ultimately made by the community leadership in response to community members dislike for the company. If business licenses were denied to Chick-Fil-A ANYWHERE in the US over the next couple months because the community said we don’t want them here, can they use this news event to claim the denial was not permitted due to the First Amendment Rights of the owner?

What a hilarious idea, that she would ever listen to you.

But, in all seriousness, aren’t you aware that Palin had informed people giving her good advice all through the 2008 campaign and that she basically blew them off from day one?

Sounds like an awesome gig :slight_smile:

The main benefit of that is you don’t have to hear her talk.

I also thought her word choice there was very, very weird – like WV weird (and I have close relatives from WV and am nearly WV born and raised).

Yep, you’re right, state and local governments are bound by the constitution as well. I used the word “Congress” to mirror the amendment’s actual wording and sacrificed clarity. I agree that Emanuel and Moreno are walking a fine line here, and that people on both sides of the issue are acting pretty hysterically over all of this.

a) Emanuel and Moreno haven’t actually done anything to keep Chik-Fil-A out of town, and I’m sure they both know they couldn’t really do so. They’re talking a lot of bluster.

and b) That clearly wasn’t what Sarah was talking about. She said that private citizens deciding where to buy or not buy a sandwich “has a chilling effect on our 1st Amendment rights.” That’s just a flat-out ludicrous statement. I never know whether Palin truly believes all the shit she spouts or is just saying what she thinks her audience wants to hear. I lean toward the former, but the latter isn’t really better.

Alaska weird trumps West Virginia weird.

And Bricker, if Palin had hired you as a consultant, you’d have a serious drinking problem by now.

Emanuel has explicitly said that he will take no action to prevent Chik-Fil-A from getting any more locations.

Moreno might still be out there trying to throw his weight around.

You are surprised? Bristol Palin was 17 when she headed for the altar, (regardless how close she actually got.)

Palin’s a fucking moron, news at 11pm. Is anyone actually surprised by this? She’s said far, far worse.

But not necessarily for their political views. I absolutely refuse to eat at CFA (although I never ate there to begin with), but I do think it’s wrong for the government to block their business, on the basis of their beliefs. No one’s saying they have to allow them a to open up a site, but there have to be valid reasons to block it. Not liking their stance on something isn’t one of them. IF they’re actually planning on doing so.

But those rejections are mainly based on concerns such as traffic, noise, school zones, and crime among others, not religious beliefs or political views.

I am so going to have to steal this and find a conversation to use it in.

Religious beliefs? I’m pretty sure those have been used to support zoning restriction arguments (e.g. to prevent strip clubs operating near churches).

That was most likely the underlying reason, but I would assume (hope) they actually used a legitimate reason such as crime rates or something to get it through the zoning commission.

More factual error. Marriage between one boy and ***one girl ***has not been the cornerstone of all civilization and all religions since the beginning of time.

Nobody much cared about ‘falling in love’ for most of history, either, and some cultures still don’t.

‘Religious beliefs’ is double-speaked into ‘community standards’ before they run it up the flagpole.

Can we have scantily clad females swinging from said flagpole?

Palin is an idiot and the only reason her crooked wig is even on Fox anymore is because of her contract.

By the way, my all time favorite crucifixion quote came from the Honorable Richard J Daley:

“Mayor Daley, can we see the stigmata?”